Nature Trail Path of roses (Rosenweg) St. Stefan/Rosental - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Nature Trail Path of roses (Rosenweg) St. Stefan/Rosental - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Path of roses (Rosenweg) St. Stefan/Rosental

A leisurely hike in easy ups and downs with themed panels and roses along the way. The rose highlight is located directly at the church in St. Stefan im Rosental, the Rosarium.
The splendor of roses dominates the townscape of St. Stefan im Rosental, so it is no wonder that the rose appears in the municipal coat of arms, serves as a market sign and is used as the logo for the theme trail. The five petals are assigned the basic elements with corresponding characteristics: Earth - Plants - Fire - Air - Water. With the Rosarium, a lovingly tended garden planted with roses near the church, one gets to know numerous species of roses. The Rosarium is the highlight and at the same time a wonderful "entrance" to the theme trail. Along the way you will find numerous information boards and beautifully designed resting places, whereby our break recommendation is the place at the station "The air", because here you can enjoy the view on the one hand and the peace and quiet at the edge of the forest on the other. This leisurely hike convinces with views into the Rosental and the Schwarzautal and with good visibility up to the Koralm.



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Level of difficulty
6,5 km
2:00 h
150 hm
150 hm
423 m
Highest point
316 m
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From Graz: via the A2 Lasnitzhöhe exit, continue on the L367 and L238, continue on the B73 and L203 to St.Stefan im Rosental

From Vienna: via the A2 exit Gleisdorf Süd, continue on the B68 to Studenzen and St.Stefan im Rosental


Detailed information on how to get there can be found h,15.7147125/@46.9053914,15.7130525,17.75z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0ere.

We start at the parking lot Rosenhalle in St. Stefan im Rosental. After we have gained an overview at the hiking board, we walk past the Rose Hall in the direction of the center. In the village, the theme trail starts at the church and the fountain, where numerous rose bushes already show us the way to the Rosarium, a colorful rose garden. In the middle of the garden there is a pavilion, which we pass on the right. At the end of the garden we come to a road in the direction of Stefanberg. We follow the road slightly uphill, passing a few houses, until we pass the village sign of St. Stefan and a little later come to a wayside shrine, with the station "The Plant World". Here at the Stefansberg we continue along the asphalt road for about 500 m and already reach the station "The Fire". From now on we walk downhill, passing a fallow deer enclosure. Arrived at the national road L203, we cross it, whereby at this unclear place caution is required. On the other side of the road, a few meters uphill, a side road leaves to the left. We walk along the road for just a few minutes and then see the entrance to the forest on the right. There follows a beautiful stretch of path through the forest to the station "The Air". At this place we linger and enjoy the view and the peace. Continuing on a dirt road, we soon enter the forest again, where it goes along comfortably on a forest road. When we meet an asphalt road again, we follow it only a few meters, because the hiking trail immediately branches off again to the left into the forest. Now we stay on the forest road, which leads continuously downhill until we come to a pond and the station "Das Wassser". Back on the trail, we continue to follow the gravel road, which subsequently continues as an asphalt road towards the center. Arrived at the thoroughfare in St. Stefan, we go left and after a few meters we see the turnoff to our parking lot on the right.
The hike is easily doable all year round, although you should of course prefer the rose blossom season.

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There is free parking at the Kindererlebniswelt and the outdoor pool in St. Stefan im Rosen
Frauenbacher Stub`n, Tel.: +43 3116 81115, 8083 St. Stefan im Rosental, Feldbacherstraße 66b,

Al Sasso, Tel.: +43 3116 81322, 8083 St. Stefan im Rosental, Mureckerstraße 18

Novelle – Bar-Cafe-Restaurant, Tel.: +43 3116 27001, 8083 St. Stefan im Rosental, Badstraße 15


Marktgemeinde St. Stefan im Rosental
Feldbacher Straße 24 
8083 St. Stefan im Rosental



What the weather will be like

St. Stefan im Rosental (319m)

slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Partly sunny in the morning, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon.
very sunny
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
0 km/h
0 km/h
Fair or bright in the beginning, cloudy towards the end of the day.
1°C 5°C
1°C 7°C
slightly cloudy
-1°C 5°C
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