Landlust Styria is vacation in revitalized rural houses | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger Landlust Styria is vacation in revitalized rural houses | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
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Landlust Styria

Since 2003, the Landlust Group has stood for the revitalisation of old rural houses, making it possible to discover life in the countryside in a special and down-to-earth way. From small cellar huts and troad boxes for two people to chaste houses for the whole family to larger houses with several holiday flats - Landlust has something to offer for everyone seeking relaxation.

If you take the train from Graz to the south-east, via Feldbach to Bad Gleichenberg, for example, and look out of the window, you will see one of these beautiful old houses here and there that you want to have immediately. Thanks to the initiative "Landlust", many of these houses are saved from the "want to have" of individuals and offered to holidaymakers. For a country holiday that comes close to the classic summer retreat in a modern way.

Even Empress Sissi recovered best on long rides and walks in fresh air. The enchantingly beautiful countryside in south-eastern Styria, where the climate is milder and nature is still very pristine, invites precisely this kind of pleasure: hearing the birds chirping in the morning, being allowed to sleep soundly in an old, lovingly renovated bed, spending the afternoon under the fruit trees or exploring the area, and in the evening sitting in front of the house with your loved ones, gossiping and gazing up at the starry sky.

All the houses that can be rented as "Landlust" houses are at least 100 years old, are idyllically situated and most of them also have renovated old furniture inside. Each house has its own terrace and a playground for the children. Apart from these standards, all houses are individually different. You can choose between small cellar houses for romantic days for two as well as "chaste houses" for families or larger houses with several holiday flats. The increasing longing for a holiday in nature, for authenticity and genuineness is perfectly served by the holiday homes of the Landlust Group.

Although there is a lot to do in the thermal and volcanic region of Styria, it should also be said at this point that doing nothing or, more precisely, "having time" is the greatest wellness factor of all. Three weeks of holiday at a stretch is what is needed. Then you can take everything in your stride: breakfast with freshly baked farmhouse bread, swimming in a small lake, a visit to a wine tavern. Everything is simple.

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