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    Shaped by the attitude to life and the identity of the region

    Southern Styrian Art & Culture

    For us in Southern Styria, art and culture are not consumer goods of modern times. We see them as ritual forms of expression - and these are as diverse and welcome here as our guests. So we don't want to seduce you into consumption, but invite you to explore, marvel, experience and enjoy.

    One might think that the art of living is the discipline with which southern Styria has made a name for itself. But in addition to the many artists who know how to enjoy life to the fullest, there are also true artists in southwestern Styria who sweeten our days and evenings with music, art, literature and acting.  The art scene is diverse and colourful, and shows itself in contemporary and modern works, while being possible to experience as an event, handicraft or architectural work.

    Let's go to the cultural country party!


    As individual as the people and the wine are, so is their culture. The "schillern" KUNST.KULTUR.TAGE (art.culture.days) start with a dense programme. Qualitatively demanding and diverse through the most varied fields and sections, numerous events enrich the days around Pentecost.

    Castles & Palaces

    Magnificent castles and palaces encase the beauty of the region. You can walk through the magnificent rooms and banqueting halls, and feel transported back to the venerable era of the Lords and Ladies of the castle.

    Multifaceted cultural initiatives

    Arts & Culture Scene

    The vastness of our region opens up an artistic horizon, the joie de vivre of the people of southern Styria display expression in diverse cultural initiatives and the self-confidence of the region shows itself in productions with a strong character.

    From Celts and Romans to the origin of pumpkin seed oil

    Museums, Galleries & Exhibitions

    Small, personable and yet so extensive. Almost 6000 years of history of the origins of southern Styria are displayed in the numerous museums of the region and provide impressive insights into a time far before our own. There are reports of the Celts and Romans as well as on traditional landscape cultivation and the history of wine and pumpkin seed oil.

    „All aboard for the discovery tour!“

    Arts & Culture Events

    We can't keep up with the programme due to the sheer number of highlights in the southern Styrian cultural calendar. Packed with events, plays, musical events, open-air concerts, vernissages, our legendary culture days and festivals, everything is put together into a programme that promises entertainment and cultural enjoyment, 365 days a year. In southern Styria, there are either a few steps or several kilometres between a theatre stage and an event hall, meaning there's one more reason why we attach great importance to ensuring that every journey is a unique experience.

    Art, culture and enjoyment have shaped the identity of our region. In order to understand Southern Styria in its deep and true being, we like to take our guests on a cultural journey through time, from days gone by to the here and now.

    Alpengasthof Glashütten | © Christian Feydl

    Tanzen auf der Alm

    Bad Schwanberg
    14 Apr. - 16 Jun. 2023
    from 19:30 o'clock
    Dancing according to desire & mood
    More information
    Paul Lewis by Jack Liebeck | © Jack Liebeck

    Paul Lewis - Klavier

    16 Jun. 2023
    from 19:30 o'clock
    Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828)Sonate C-Dur D 840Sonate A-Dur D 664Sonate a-Moll D 84
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    Kulturpicknick c Jeannine Rossi | © Jeaninne Rossi


    17 Jun. 2023
    from 15:00 o'clock
    Marenzipark   LeibnitzKULT invites this year already for the 7th time to the culture picnic in the...
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    Ausstellung | © Museumsbesuch (c) TV Südsteiermark - AdobeStock_236821057.jpeg


    Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße
    07 Apr. - 17 Jun. 2023
    from 10:00 o'clock
    Exhibitions in the "KunstGewölbe" - From DARKNESS into LIGHT
    More information
    Der große Kreislauf | © M. Hiesleitner

    Der große Kreislauf

    Groß Sankt Florian
    18 Mai. - 18 Jun. 2023
    from 10:00 o'clock
    The project OFFENE FELDER - Kunst und Landwirtschaft (Open Fields - Art and Agriculture) brings together farmers and...
    More information

    Von der Quelle bis zur Mündung

    19 Mai. - 18 Jun. 2023
    from 09:00 o'clock
    Landscapes without flow suffer from anemia, also from lack of poetry and from lack of music.
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    impro_open_air | © kk

    Theater im Bahnhof - Impro Show Open Air

    22 Jun. 2023
    from 20:00 o'clock
    Improvised theater is created live before the eyes of the audience. Four actors and one musician enter the stage.
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    PopChor Michaela Lorber Credit | © Michaela Lorber

    Lust auf Pop - Popchor Leibnitz

    24 - 26 Jun. 2023
    from 19:00 o'clock
    The meanwhile established concert series of the Popchor Leibnitz goes into the next round.
    More information
    Uwaga | © kk

    Mozartovic - Amadeus goes Balkan groove Uwaga

    25 Jun. 2023
    from 11:00 o'clock
    Tickets excluding culinary delights:  Np € 32,00 | erm. Tickets (AK Card, Senior*innen) € 30,00 | Students €...
    More information
    Steirisches Feuerwehrmuseum Kunst & Kultur | © FM


    Groß Sankt Florian
    20 Mai. - 25 Jun. 2023
    from 10:00 o'clock
    An examination of the work of two contemporary artists of the region.
    More information

    Spielfelder Kulturtage

    Straß in Steiermark
    26 Jun. - 26 Aug. 2023
    from 11:00 o'clock
    Already for the 4th time we organize concerts in the castle Spielfeld in Straß in the summer month of August - around...
    More information

    Junge Preisträger - Pavillon Gamlitz

    29 Jun. 2023
    from 19:00 o'clock
    Many young talented artists from our region like to devote their free time to music. They practice several hours a day...
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