Hiking route Höllerhanslweg - the original from Stainz - Touren-Impression #1 | © TVB Südsteiermark/Helmuth Riffel Hiking route Höllerhanslweg - the original from Stainz - Touren-Impression #1 | © TVB Südsteiermark/Helmuth Riffel

Höllerhanslweg - the original from Stainz

Hike up to the Höllerhansl  On the way to the legendary miracle doctor Höllerhansl, you will pass everything that makes Western Styria so special. Vineyards and idyllic farmhouses line your path.
This hiking trail mainly follows the former "Fitmarsch-Weg", on which those seeking healing, who arrived at Stainz railway station on the Flascherlzug, made a pilgrimage to Rachling to the miracle doctor Höllerhansl. The train got its name from the glass bottles lying by the wayside, with which the patients brought their urine samples to Höllerhansl. On this basis, the miracle doctor diagnosed and prescribed his remedies based on herbal teas and tinctures.

Cool off at the idyllic Johannes Fountain and arrive, in the heart of Schilcherland. The natural path leads you past decorated farmhouses typical of this region, lovingly tended vineyards, wayside shrines, wayside crosses and chapels.

In no other region of Styria can you enjoy the magnificent nature paired with the cosiness of the inhabitants. Immerse yourself in this special natural landscape, its beauty and leave everyday life behind.

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From the north: Coming from Lieboch, follow the B76 to Stainz, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout towards Preding and drive back along the main road for approx. 500m.

From the south: Coming from Deutschlandsberg, follow the B76 via Rassach, at the roundabout towards Preding leave the B76 at the 1st exit and follow the road for approx. 500m. The station is on the right hand side.

From the east: Leave the A2 from Graz at the Steinberg exit, follow the signs towards Stainz via Gundersdorf and St. Stefan until you reach Stainz, enter the town and turn left at the town hall onto the main square, turn right at the bottom of the main square and follow the road until you reach the station, slightly offset to the right.

From the west: Leave the A2 from Klagenfurt at the Steinberg exit, follow the signs towards Stainz via Gundersdorf and St. Stefan until you reach Stainz, enter the town and turn left at the town hall onto the main square, turn right at the bottom of the main square and follow the road until you reach the railway station, slightly offset to the right.


With a length of 16 kilometres and a hiking time of five hours, the former "Fitmarsch" trail certainly deserves its name. It is also suitable for children, but due to the length they should already be of a certain age.

You start your hike to the miracle doctor in the beautiful centre of Stainz, at the station of the Flascherlzug. A ride on the small narrow-gauge railway, with its colourful carriages, is a special experience for young and old. From here you walk along the wonderfully situated Engelweingartenweg and Ziegelstadelstraße to the small village of Neurath. Especially in autumn, the vineyard shines in bright colours and offers a special natural spectacle.

In the centre of the village at the Pestsäule (plague column), continue straight ahead, walking along the shady edge of the forest on a low-traffic asphalt road. Past the St. John's Fountain you come to a hiking trail junction, the so-called diver's crossroads. But before that, you should definitely take the chance for a rest at the Johannes fountain. The resting place offers the chance to gather new strength for the rest of the route and to take a small snack from your rucksack. The water in the fountain trough is wonderfully refreshing.

With renewed energy, take the left path upwards at the fork in the trail, past the Reitermacher wayside shrine and the Görikapelle chapel to Angenofen. This well-kept village captivates with its beautiful, flower-adorned farmhouses in traditional West Styrian style. A wonderful photo motif.

From here it is only 25 minutes to your destination in Rachling via a flowering meadow and an idyllic forest. This place is an absolute insider tip for hikers and nature lovers. A fantastic panoramic view, the Lourdes Grotto and above all the place of work of the miracle doctor Höllerhansl, who lived from 1866 to 1935 and whose civil name was Johann Reinbacher, await you here. It is the house with the number 57, which can unfortunately only be visited from the outside.

From here you return to Stainz via beautiful forest and meadow paths down to Marhof. There you cross the Stainzbach stream, hike along a little-used municipal road, and see the Marhofmüller chapel on the left. From here, you walk along a long stretch of country lanes to the Rauch-Hof inn, where you cross the Stainzbach stream again. The Rauch-Hof also offers guest rooms if you plan to do another hike in the wonderful area around Stainz the next day. Enjoy the sound of the stream for a while and observe a little of the nature at the water's edge. Especially for children there is a lot to discover at the water and many an adventure to experience.

With somewhat tired legs, you now walk along the pavement of the main road to Stainz, past the Maria-Helfenbrunn forest chapel, turn right into Neurathstraße, then left into a field path and soon reach your destination Stainz. End the day with a coffee or an ice cream. You and your fellow hikers will surely think of some nice experiences of the hiking day to discuss.

Höllerhansl House: The miracle doctor Johann Reinbacher, called Höllerhansl, ordained in Rachling 57. 
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The car park is next to the Bahnhofpark, directly at the starting point of the hike.
Tourism Association Schilcherland Styria

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