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The tourism, thermal spring and shopping community of Fohnsdorf is 736 m above sea level and has a population of about 8,080. Apart from its traditional mining history with the Mining Museum, Fohnsdorf is characterised by its extensive tourist offer.

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The first documented mention of the village dates back to 1114 and was "FANESTORFF". At that time Fohnsdorf was the centre of an archbishopric office where the tithe was collected in 1151. In the following centuries, the present castle with four or five towers was built as a necessary protection for the village. After being destroyed in 1309, the castle was rebuilt again. Until the Peace of Pressburg (1805) Fohnsdorf belonged to the Archbishopric of Salzburg - after that the village came under state administration and was sold at public auction to Josef Seßler in 1827. In addition to the village itself, the villages of Sillweg, Rattenberg, Hetzendorf, Aichdorf, Farrach and Zeltweg also belonged to the Fohnsdorf dominion at that time; however, the municipal boundaries were corrected as early as 1874 with the separation of Zeltweg and Farrach - finally, in 1928, Dietersdorf and Wasendorf were to be added to the neighbouring municipality of Kumpitz; in the end, however, Kumpitz was only annexed to Fohnsdorf in 1948. The two world wars of the 20th century also had a terrible impact on Fohnsdorf. Countless casualties, famines, forced labour and unconditional coal mining for the armaments industry combined with many casualties are worth remembering. In the course of reconstruction after 1945, Fohnsdorf experienced a continuous economic upswing with mining, which lasted until the end of the 1950s.

Pure shopping experience in the Arena am Waldfeld
Stress-free shopping and entertainment value at the same time - that's what the Arena am Waldfeld offers you. The more than 100 shops in the Arena have optimally geared their offer to the needs of the customers. Of course, the free use of the parking spaces is considered particularly pleasant by Arena visitors. The numerous restaurants in the Arena look forward to welcoming you during your shopping tour.

Pure relaxation at the Aqualux spa in Fohnsdorf
The Therme Aqualux in Fohnsdorf is known for its relaxing atmosphere and restful days. Enjoy the possibilities for special feel-good days in the warm healing waters of the beautiful Mur valley. With a wonderful outdoor area, the spa is a popular destination not only in the colder seasons, but also in the summer months.

Cultural treasures up close
Even if the history of mining in what was once the deepest shining coal mine in the world can only be felt in the traditions and customs, you can still gain an insight here. Here you will find the mining museum with unique exhibits such as the 47-metre-high winding tower, the twin tandem winding engine, the oldest steam locomotive in the world, the exhibition mine and the mineral gallery - an unforgettable experience!

The Styrian Heart in Fohnsdorf
If you discover the green heart at the foot of the castle ruins in the valley, a detour to the castle ruins or to the viewing platform is a good tip. From up here you can see the Mur valley in its entirety. To the south you can see the Seetaler Alps and the Glein and Stubalpe peaks, and in front of them stretches the largest inner-Alpine basin in Styria.

Mur Cycle Path
The most beautiful stage of the Mur Cycle Path is in the Mur Valley, where numerous restaurants and cafés invite you to stop for a bite to eat. Fohnsdorf is also a popular stop on the Tour de Mur.

Pure Nature
Fohnsdorf is a town in Austria known for its beautiful weather and its many hiking and walking trails. The town lies on the northern edge of the Aichfeld and offers visitors a variety of activities and sights, including the Fohnsdorf Ruin, the Sillweg Lookout and the Mining Museum.

A rich cultural heritage is cultivated in Fohnsdorf. Theatre and maypole festivals, folk dancing and traditional costume marches by the Bergla Buam are just as popular with locals as the musically very successful Bergkapelle Fohnsdorf. The imaginative masks of the Perchten group "Fohnsdorfer Gruabnpercht'n" are particularly frightening. The marches of the Perchten from near and far are marvelled at by everyone during the Raunacht time and the hustle and bustle of the masks is a spectacle not to be missed. The Knappschaftsverein Fohnsdorf is a traditional association that has existed since 1954. The purpose of the association is the preservation of mining customs. The association also includes the only Styrian rooftop dance group with a mining character.


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