Steyr near the national park, rich in culture, industry, nature and architecture, is an endearing small town and a good place to live, picturesquely situated at the confluence of the Enns and the Steyr. Various city experiences combine tradition with lifestyle and make Steyr into a charming town in which to meet people.

Steyr, with more than 1000 years of history, is a gem of medieval town architecture and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Adventure tours with night watchmen or Segway tours, company visits (BMW, MAN), shopping enjoyment and cultural activities make relaxation into an experience.

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You're seeking accommodation in Steyr?
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The Steyr Valley Railway is the oldest steam-powered narrow-gauge railway in Austria and runs between Steyr and Grünburg in the summer and in the Advent season.
The Enns Valley National Park Visitor Centre is located right on the Enns Cycling Path between the towns of Reichraming and Großraming. Visit the exhibition Wunderwelt Waldwildnis [The Wonderful ...
You're seeking accommodation in Steyr?
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Schladming-Dachstein, Gröbminger Land, Gesäuse, Grimming - Donnersbachtal, Haus - Aich - Gössenberg, Naturpark Sölktäler, Vitaldörfer Öblarn - Niederöblarn
The Enns, and especially the landscape through which they accompanied us on our tour, has many faces. Imposing mountains as a companion to the Enns, romantic valleys, rushing streams, idyllic ...
Ausseerland - Salzkammergut, Schladming-Dachstein, Gesäuse, Hochsteiermark
Diese Etappe am Ennsradweg führt uns von Stadt zu Stadt: Von Steyr geht es nach Enns, wo wir auch ein paar Kilometer weiter auf den Donauradweg stoßen.
Gesäuse, Ausseerland - Salzkammergut, Hochsteiermark, Schladming-Dachstein
Diese Etappe am Ennsradweg führt uns von Weyer im Nationalpark Kalkalpen in die kleine, historische Stadt Steyr mit ihren romantischen Plätzen und Gassen.

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