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Bad Radkersburg

Move, discover, enjoy: in Bad Radkersburg in the southern part of Styrian thermal springs country, you can expect a historic old town with romantic alleys and relaxation in the special thermal springs water of the park thermal springs. Enjoy moving movements in Austria's sunniest and most exciting cycling region!

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Magnificent buildings and idyllic squares lend a southern flair to the thermal springs town of Bad Radkersburg. The picturesque backdrop of this historic city - awarded the Europagold Medal for the Preservation of Monuments - invites you to stroll, shop and enjoy the open air. Concerts, theatre and cabaret shows as well as exhibitions provide cultural experiences all year round.

The Mediterranean climate provides more hours of sunshine here than anywhere else in Styria. In Bad Radkersburg, there are plenty of reasons to be active: wonderful enjoyment tours, the Mur cycling path, the EuroVelo 9 and the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour await more than just cyclists. Runners, walkers and hikers will also get their money's worth at the destination of the "From the Glacier to the Wine" hiking route on their way through the meadowlands or vineyards. Just a hop, skip and jump away, golf lovers will enjoy a particularly nice tee-off in Klöch with a view of the vineyards. And after so much physical activity, it's time to take a dip and relax in the thermal water of the park thermal springs. It's best to refuel at a wine tavern or a gourmet restaurant - here you will find the finest wines and delicacies.


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Bad Radkersburg (209m)

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A sunny day after snow showers dying away in the early morning.
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Mostly cloudy through the day with a chance of occasional sunny spells.
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