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Holidays in the green heart of Austria

Plan your holiday in Styria

A holiday in the green heart of Austria stands for pure enjoyment: On the one hand, there are the mountain ranges of the Dachstein, Gesäuse, Hochschwab and Rax in the north. On the other hand, there are the green mountains of the Seetal Alps, Peter Rosegger's Waldheimat or the Almenland Nature Park. In the south and east, vineyards and apple orchards, pumpkin fields as well as castles and palaces invite you to visit and stay awhile.

In the golden – or rather, green – centre lies Graz with its historic old town and Eggenberg Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hardly any other federal state is as multi-faceted as Styria: It boasts Europe's highest density of thermal springs in south-eastern Styria, a national park, seven nature parks, a UNESCO biosphere park, and over 40 Natura 2000 European protected areas.

Always part of the experience: cultural treasures to marvel at and culinary delights to enjoy.

Holidays for every taste

Holiday variety in Styria

Cities and towns in Styria

Do you already know to which city or town your Styrian holiday will take you, but you have no idea what you can do there? Here you will find an overview of all of the Styrian municipalities, which make the greenest state in Austria so special.

Tourist Info Centers in Styria

Gästeinfo Riegersburg | © Sabrina Halbedl
  • Riegersburg

Gästeinfo Riegersburg

The team at Gästeinfo Riegersburg will be happy to advise you! Tips for your vacation enjoyment and much more.
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Gästeinfo direkt im Thermenresort Loipersdorf | © TRL
  • Bad Loipersdorf

Gästeinfo Bad Loipersdorf

You will find the Bad Loipersdorf guest information office directly in the entrance hall of the spa resort
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TourismInformationPartnerSparMandl-Murtal | © Erlebnisregion Murtal
  • Obdach

Tourismusinformation-Partner Spar Fam. Mandl

Welcome to Obdach in the Erlebnisregion Murtal!
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Stadt Leoben | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • Leoben

Association of tourism

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Gästeinfo | © Gästeinfo Feldbach Thermen- & Vulkanland/ Bernhard
  • Feldbach

Gästeinfo Feldbach

Dear guests, a warm welcome to the information center in Feldbach. We are happy to help you plan your stay.
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Tourismusinformation Erlebnisregion Murtal | © Tourismus Fohnsdorf
  • Fohnsdorf

Tourismusinformation Erlebnisregion Murtal

Support of the tourist gastronomic businesses Tourist sporting events such as the "Tour de Mur" and the "Everyman"...
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Tourismusbüro | © Tourismusverband Murau
  • St. Lambrecht

Tourismusbüro St. Lambrecht

You can get the necessary brochures and hiking maps from the tourist office in St. Lambrecht. In addition, the staff...
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Bad Mitterndorf_TVB Büro | © Daniela Casari
  • Bad Mitterndorf

Tourism Information Bad Mitterndorf

The tourist office in Bad Mitterndorf is located directly in the center of Bad Mitterndorf next to the local authority.
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Gästeinfo Bad Gleichenberg | © Gästeinfo Bad Gleichenberg
  • Bad Gleichenberg

Gästeinfo Bad Gleichenberg

The team of the guest information Bad Gleichenberg will be happy to advise you!
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  • Eibiswald

Tourismusinformation Eibiswald

Gentle, green hills as far as the eye can see. Here, at the western foothills of the Koralpe, on what is now the open...
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Infobüro Leutschach 2 | © TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße
  • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

Tourismusinformation Leutschach an der Weinstraße

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Das Herzstück von Tragöß - St. Katharein | © TV Erzberg Leoben
  • Tragöß - Sankt Katharein

Tourismusinformation Tragöß

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