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Schenkenberg circuit

The Schenkenberg circuit trail offers mountain and river views and is known as the little brother of the more difficult North-West-Tour, having only one instead of three climbs.
The Schenkenberg circuit trail is part of the North-West-Tour. It runs from Rein Abbey to Tyrnau and is signposted. (See overview map)


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
32,4 km
3:00 h
490 hm
490 hm
913 m
Highest point
401 m
Lowest point

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Via the S35 (exit Peggau Mitte) or A9 (Friesach–Peggau) or L385 or L322 to Deutschfeistritz. (Should you by arriving by bike on the Murradweg (R2) cycle path, turn off at Deutschfeistritz.)
From Peggau-Deutschfeistritz (S-Bahn) railway station follow Grazer Strasse in a southerly direction to the Peggau shopping centre at the roundabout. Turn right to Deutschfeistritz. Cross the railway tracks twice in the centre of Deutschfeistritz, ride past the Hammerschmiede hammer mill and follow the signs for "Nord-West-Tour". The road takes you through Zitoll and Prenning along the Übelbach stream to Waldstein. At the castle turn right into Arzwaldgrabenstrasse and cycle past the Waldstein Castle ruin to Rotmüller farm. Turn sharp right here and follow the signs for "Nord-West-Tour" to the Ebenwirt inn on Schenkenberg mountain. Af ter the Ebenwirt inn a gravel road branches off in a north-easterly direction. The steep descent takes you along the Ratlosgraben from the Ebenwirt inn to the former Kainz inn. From there, the route leads along the Gamsgraben and the L121 to Rothleiten. At the Murbrücke bridge across the Mur you`ll join the Murradweg R2 bike trail and ride along the western bank of the Mur, downriver past Adriach, Rabenstein Castle and the Murhof Golf Club Murhof to the former Roman grave. You now have two possibilities to cycle back to Peggau-Deutschfeistritz railway station:

a) You chose the shorter route at the foot of the historic Badlwand railway gallery on the eastern bank of the Mur, or

b) you stay on the western bank of the Mur, follow the R2 cycle path and E-Werkstrasse road until Deutschfeistritz and then continue towards Peggau-Deutschfeistritz railway station.

Rabenstein Castle looks down onto the Mur Valley and guarantees spectacular views.
From leisurely riding along the Murradweg cycle path to more strenuous summit tours – OberGraz makes it easy for you to get on your bike. Cyclists without a car can arrive comfortably in the region by train. The well-frequented S1 train connection between Graz and Bruck/Mur makes OberGraz easily accessible by public transport. (Gratwein–Gratkorn railway station)
Drive along the L385, going in the direction of Peggau, before the Murbrücke bridge on the right-hand side; or on the square in front of the entrance to the Kirchberg.
Please check the opening hours of inns, restaurants or huts for stopovers!


What the weather will be like

Übelbach (583m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
18°C 29°C
17°C 28°C
16°C 29°C

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