Die "klein Luzern" Brücke im Herzen der Klamm | © Tourismusverband Grimming-Donnersbachtal Die "klein Luzern" Brücke im Herzen der Klamm | © Tourismusverband Grimming-Donnersbachtal

Circular hiking trail through Donnersbach Gorge

Solid shoes, wanderlust and a bit of curiosity. A family hike along the Donnersbach in the footsteps of the woodcutters.


10 out of 10 hiking points go to the home of the Donnersbach squirrel community: the Donnersbachklamm gorge. It is a natural monument and, without exaggeration, a great silent attraction. You hike through forest and meadow, past sandbanks, to the Holzknechthütte. At the heart of the gorge, the large footbridge and the story bank invite you to listen and observe. Continue up to the Klammsteigruhe, through the narrow rock tunnel and green forest up to the forest road. This leads you back to the village with views of Donnersbach.

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4,8 km
2:00 h
197 hm
197 hm
830 m
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686 m
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At Stainach or Wörschach you branch off from B320 towards Irdning and then go further to Donnersbach. 
There is also room for a car at the starting point at Gasthof Leitner. Once you have laced up your shoes and brought your jacket and rucksack, off you go. After a 10-minute walk, following the signposts, you come to the entrance to the gorge, down a few steps, along the narrow path lined with meadows and woods, with the stream flowing to the right of the path. Pass sandbanks where the many stones, marbled, with shells and flints are quite something. When you reach the large meadow, which is covered with colourful flowers in spring, you can already see the woodcutter's hut and the model of a water rake.

At the following spring you can refresh yourself again before the ups and downs of the path become more. Accompanied by the scent of damp moss, sorrel and wild strawberries, a unique feeling develops as you then walk along soft ground, sometimes over roots and stones, letting your thoughts run free and marvelling at the power of the water as it tumbles over the rocks into the depths. You should linger here for a moment, breathe in the clear freshness and feel the wet splashes on the tip of your nose.

A glance upwards is enough to see the lichens glowing yellow from the rock. Continue to the footbridge, up and down the steps, until you reach the Klammsteigruhe. Be sure to pause here before going uphill again after the "tunnel". At the top of the clearing, there is a bench for a rest. Follow the signposts back through forest and meadow to the road. Once you have crossed the road, follow the forest path back to the starting point. Let your soul dangle on the flat stretch of the forest path, take a look at the mountain farms across the road, look back on the distance you have covered and simply enjoy yourself! Makes sense.


Klamm stories to listen to and read whenever you want. In the Klamm, on the podcast: anchor.fm/klammgeschichten or on the blog: derbergdastal.at/klammgeschichten
Take bus 941 to the bus stop "Donnersbach Abzweigung Ilgenberg". The starting point of the hike is also at Gasthof Leitner opposite.Attention! No bus connection during the summer holidays. Bus timetable: www.verbundlinie.at

The nearest train station "Stainach-Irdning" is about 12 kilometres away in Stainach. Train timetable:www.oebb.at

Free parking at Gasthof Leitner in Donnersbach.
Tourismusinformation: www.schladming-dachstein.at/en/grimming-donnersbachtal 


Tourismusblog: www.derbergdastal.at/en/ 


Grimming-Donnersbachtal Tourist Board 

Trautenfelserstraße 220 

8952 Irdning-Donnersbachtal

T +43 3682/23999 





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Irdning-Donnersbachtal (665m)

4 km/h
4 km/h
3 km/h
Thick clouds and widespread snowfall throughout the whole day.
3 km/h
7 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly thick clouds, and a chance of some snowfall in the first half of the day.
-6°C -1°C
-8°C -1°C
-4°C 0°C

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