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Brendlalm-Tour (Wies)

Signposted mountain bike tour no. 108 (from Eibiswald). Very challenging tour via the Hochmasser and Schmuckbauernwirt to the Schirchleralm and on to the Brendlalm at 1,566 m above sea level.

The Brendlalm tour is a "real" mountain bike tour that can immediately compete with tours in mountainous regions. After all, there are more than 1,500 metres of altitude to climb and most of it in one go. The tour offers incomparable views of southwestern Styria and allows legal biking in alpine pastures up to the tree line. But not only that, the tour also offers two top alpine huts for refreshments, the "Schirchler" and the "Brendl". After a well-deserved snack, you can look forward to a cool single trail descent, provided you have the necessary riding skills. Bikers who want to take it easy with a full belly can also choose the alternative downhill route.


The Brendlalm tour is the right choice if you:

  • are planning a real mountain bike tour with a lot of altitude metres at a stretch and want to enjoy
  • want to enjoy panoramic views of south-western Styria,
  • want to feel the fine alpine atmosphere and also taste it at the Schirchleralm and Brendlalm,
  • want to bike legally on casual trails on narrow alpine paths,
  • want to visit the spectacular 60-metre-high waterfall of the Weiße Sulmand
  • a final Buschenschank stop at the Garber wine and gourmet world or Buschenschank Pichlippi is not to be missed.


Level of fitness

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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
58,0 km
7:15 h
1642 hm
1642 hm
1566 m
Highest point
328 m
Lowest point

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Plan directions via Google Maps to the starting point of the tour: www.google.at/maps


Directions from Graz / Vienna (north): Take the motorway towards Graz (A2) to the Lieboch exit. Continue on the B76 towards Stainz, Deutschlandsberg and Eibiswald.

Directions from Carinthia (west):Drive from Lavamünd on the B69 (Südsteirische Grenzbundesstraße) towards Soboth. Continue to St. Oswald o.E. and Eibiswald to Wies.

Directions from the east:Motorway exit Vogau/Straß. Continue on the B69 (Südsteirische Grenzbundesstraße) in the direction of Gamlitz, Leutschach, Oberhaag and Eibiswald to Wies.

Directions from Slovenia (south):Drive from Muta or Radlje ob Dravi over the Radlpass on the B76 (Radlpass federal road) towards Eibiswald and Wies.




From the starting point, the market square in Wies, follow the signs along the Sulm River to Altenmarkt. After the pharmacy, leave the roundabout in the direction of Deutschlandsberg. After a few metres on the main road, turn left towards Kraß and Etzendorf.

This is where the climb up to Hochmasser begins. It is advisable not to waste your energy on this first section of the long climb up to the Schirchleralm. Instead, enjoy the wonderful view to the southwest to the Kapun Ridge, to Greith and over to Eichberg-Trautenburg.

After the Hochmasser inn, the route enters a very varied gravel section with two super-steep ramps, each with more than 20 percent gradient. Here you need good legs or a strong battery. The good thing is that the stitches are not too long and there is a flat section in between that allows for a short breather.

The reward follows after these "drudge sections" in the form of a new panorama across to the Buchenberg and the Soboth. Motto: Let it work.

At the former Glockenwirt inn, the mountain bike tour turns into the L650 state road, which leads up to St. Anna. After about one kilometre, however, the route turns right into Garanas. A short downhill gives your legs, which may already be a little tired, a short rest.

Whereby: It is a good idea to look for a spot in this section through the Garana Valley, to treat yourself to a little more rest and to let this wonderful area take effect on you.

The bike tour continues from Garanas via the Schmuckbauerwirt to the Schirchleralm.

The last part of the long ascent is initially on gravel roads and later on a rather steep trail. The last kilometre is again easy on a gravel road to the Brendlalm.

After the obligatory break in the alpine pasture, the trail (single trail) goes crisply down to the former Liechtensteinersäge. This section can also be bypassed.

The tour then continues to the legendary "Wirtbartl Trail" which runs to St. Katharina in the Wiel. Alternatively, the route can be ridden past the Sulm waterfall, saving about 100 metres in altitude.

From Wiel, follow the road to St. Oswald ob Eibiswald and on via Buchenberg to the Garber Wine & Pleasure World.

From there the tour follows the same route as the Panorama Tour (Wies) to Vordersdorf and via Haiden again briefly uphill to the Peiserhof winery.Then you cross the B76 at Kowaldhöhe, shortly after which you have another opportunity to stop at the Buschenschank Pichlippi before cycling back to the starting point on the "old Wieser Straße".

Stop at one of the alpine huts. :-)
With ÖBB to Wies

ÖBB www.oebb.at or Verbundlinie Steiermark www.busbahnbim.at

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There are sufficient free parking facilities (Park & Ride) near the Wies Markt stop.

Plan your journey via Google Maps to a nearby car park

Car park starting point of the tour

Map with all mountain bike tours available at the businesses and at the tourist office Schilcherland Eibiswald-Wies or can be ordered at Schilcherland.at!


Tip: the Styria Tours App, available free of charge on Google Play and in the App Store (Android, iOS) offers detailed first-hand information: short facts (length, duration, difficulty, ascent and descent in metres of altitude, ratings), map, route descriptions, altimeter, compass, summit finder, navigation along the tour. In addition, you can create your personal list of favourite tours and points, save tours and excursion destinations offline, play on social media channels and more.


What the weather will be like

Eibiswald (382m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy in the morning, then showers and sunshine will alternate.
0 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Rather cloudy in the morning, then sunny spells will develop gradually.
13°C 27°C
10°C 19°C
9°C 17°C

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