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Around St. Lorenzen - many reasons for such a short tour

Why the St. Lorenzen bike tour? To start your cycling holiday with a first highlight, to conquer one of the most sought-after Kings of Mountain in Southern Styria, to enjoy the view of Schilcherland with a cool drink or more at the Silgener, to let the power of the place and the view of the countryside take effect on you in front of the unique location of the St. Leonhard church in St. Lorenzen, or to enjoy the downhill run over the Hadernigg back to Eibiswald in the flow and then visit the Hadernigg waterfall.
The cycle tour "Around St. Lorenzen" is the classic Eibiswald house tour. It is the tour of choice if you...
  • would like to inaugurate your new e-bike with a first short pleasure tour,
  • want to get a first impression of how beautiful and challenging the climbs in Schilcherland are at the beginning of your biking holiday,
  • are super-ambitious in terms of sport and are looking for a virtual comparison of strength with countless like-minded people in the footsteps of one of the most traditional mountain races in Styria on the corresponding Strava segment,
  • are looking for a magical place of power with the small St. Leonhard church in St. Lorenzen, want to unwind and recharge their batteries,want to reward themselves after the demanding climb to St. Lorenzen at the Silgener Inn with a good drink - or more - and an incomparable view of south-western Styria,
  • want to get into a floating flow on the Hadernigg downhill back to Eibiswald - with all due caution, andwant to finish off this wonderful short tour in Schilcherland by taking in the Hadernigg waterfall.

The "Um St. Lorenzen" loop is actually just a short jaunt. At least that's how it seems when you look at the dates. But it offers so much more that it is on the programme even for locals several times a year. And not only when they don't have enough time for a longer tour.

The journey from the starting point in Eibiswald to Aibl and up to the start of the climb is just right to be well warmed up.

For racers who seriously want to try the Strava segment "Aibler Bergrennen", on the other hand, it is recommended to complete a somewhat more intensive warm-up programme beforehand. The Aibler Bergrennen segment begins shortly before the turnoff to Hadernigg and ends at the level of the car park of the Silgener Inn. On 6.6 kilometres, 558 metres of altitude have to be overcome, resulting in an average gradient of 8.3%. Predicate: Tough. The current record is held by local professional mountain biker David Schöggl with a time of 24:02 minutes, for the top 10 you should be at the top in around 27 minutes.

The Aibler Bergrennen is an icon among Styrian cycling races, and not least because the Eibiswald cycling club has loved cycling for many decades, lives it and promotes it with such highlights. With Markus "Max" Kremser, one of the great Styrian cycling figureheads still lives in Eibiswald and rides the Schilcherland Tours. He still holds the official record in an Aibler mountain race and won the great Ötztal cycling marathon as a flatlander.

But regardless of whether you ride the tour as a race or as a pleasure tour, the 6.6 kilometres uphill to St. Lorenzen are always a challenge and a pleasure at the same time. A pleasure that comes from the tranquillity of this side valley of the Soboth massif as well as from the views to the south towards the Radlpass and the Pachern Mountains. And as a very special gift, you can look forward to the atmosphere and tranquillity in St. Lorenzen.

If you take the time, you should definitely sit down for a few minutes in front of the old church of St. Leonhard in St. Lorenzen. The first documented mention of this beautiful old church dates back to 1247, and anyone who knows that such old churches were always built on places of power should definitely let this power and the view from the St. Leonhard church take effect on them.

A few metres further on, the Silgener Inn has a very good effect on body and soul. There are probably only a few inns in the whole country that can boast such an impressive view.

At the end of the tour, the entire Donwhill from St. Lorenzen over the Hadernigg down to Aibl is enjoyable. This descent can easily be compared to one of the eternally long ski runs in the Alps, except that here you sit on your bike and float down to the valley and not on two skis that mean the world.

In the lower third, it is recommended to make a short stop at the Hadernigg waterfall. This is a beautiful little natural jewel that you absolutely have to see.

PS: The choice of bike is easy. As this is a continuous asphalt route (except for the few metres to the church of St. Leonhard and the waterfall), any mountain bike is suitable. (mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike).


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
22,3 km
2:30 h
660 hm
655 hm
984 m
Highest point
362 m
Lowest point

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Plan your journey via Google Maps to the starting point of the tour: www.google.at/maps


Directions from Graz / Vienna to Lieboch:

Take the motorway towards Graz (A2) to the Lieboch exit. Continue on the B76 in the direction of Eibiswald.


Directions from Carinthia:

On the motorway in the direction of Klagenfurt (A2) as far as the Lieboch exit. Continue on the B76 in the direction of Eibiswald.


Directions from Leibnitz:

Drive via Arnfels, Oberhaag to Eibiswald.


Directions from Slovenia/Eibiswald:

Drive over the Radlpass on the B76 towards Eibiswald.

The tour starts at the church in Eibiswald and leads across the market to the main road, turn left, at the roundabout Sparzentrum straight and after 200 m pass the former inn and Aibler Ölspresse on the left, at the fork Hadernigg straight up to St. Lorenzen. At km 7,7 km Gasthaus Temel you have a wonderful panoramic view. Shortly before you reach St. Lorenzen with its 2 churches, you can see the Radlpaß, the church of Trije Kralji and Bachern Gebirge on the left. At the Silgener-Ribic inn you again have a wonderful view of the Sulm and Saggau valleys. Then turn right towards Hadernigg. Now the trail goes downhill and there is always a wonderful view. At km 14,70 in the sharp right-hand bend, on the left is the sign for the nature monument and the access to the particularly idyllic Hadernigger waterfall 100 m away. A short flat section until you descend to the plain. Before turning back onto the main road, you pass Prof. Wolfgang Seelack's fish farm. At the Aibler Ölpresse (oil press) there is a kernel oil tasting and also kernel oil tastings are offered here. Turn left at the main road, immediately right after the bridge, through the village of Aibl, Kaffeehäferl and Sparzentrum back to the church in Eibiswald.
With ÖBB to Wies, then by bus or guest taxi to Eibiswald.

ÖBB www.oebb.at  or Verbundlinie Steiermark www.busbahnbim.at

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There is ample free parking near the church square.

Plan your route via Google Maps to a nearby car park

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Map with all mountain bike tours available at the businesses and at the tourist office Schilcherland Eibiswald-Wies or can be ordered at Schilcherland.at!


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What the weather will be like

Eibiswald (382m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Variable cloudiness with frequent sunny spells. Scattered showers will be possible around noon.
0 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Fairly sunny with scattered clouds. Showers will be possible towards evening.
15°C 26°C
14°C 25°C
13°C 26°C

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