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alpine huts

In the Gesäuse, alpine huts, like mountaineering itself, have a long tradition. It is a big leap from the modern Buchsteinhaus to the classic Ennstalerhütte, but like the mountain world in the Gesäuse, the huts and their hosts are changeable and each one is an original.

Every mountain lover knows it: the decisive, redeeming moment when suddenly the refuge appears in the field of vision and you could cheer loudly in the sweat of your brow from loud anticipation. When your calves are burning and your backpack is already heavy on your shoulders, the sight of the refuge is like salvation. In the Gesäuse, the huts are open from May to October, depending on snow conditions, and are both the destination and starting point of and for wonderful tours.

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That's truly special

All hut keepers in the Gesäuse do their best to conjure up fresh, regional dishes on the plate. Roast pork is often a classic alongside Venison dishes, and there is almost always homemade cake.  Whether in front of the imposing Hochtorwand in the Haindlkarhütte or in the Grabneralmhaus, the balcony to the Gesäuse: a stop at a hut is just as much a part of a Gesäuse vacation as hiking or mountaineering. A treat for tired limbs and hungry spirits. Ideally, you stay for an overnight stay - then you can see the moon rise over the mountains and a starry sky that is hard to find in Europe in this sparkling form a second time.


alpine huts

The place to go for mountain enthusiasts is called a refuge and appears in the Gesäuse in a wide variety of facets: No matter how ancient the wooden shingles on the hut are, all are technically up to date. Solar panels and a fully biological sewage treatment plant also work well on the mountain. What they all have in common are the friendly, ever-eager hut keepers, the comfortable beds and the unbelievably good regional delicacies, which taste all the better after a hike or mountain tour.


A sublime view of Admont - in the Admonterhaus, you almost feel a bit like Her Majesty Emperor Franz-Josef. Especially because it was opened on his 65th birthday.

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Located close to Hochtor and Planspitze, there is a place where you can stay longer. Even without cell phone reception! May we introduce? The Heßhütte, the largest and best known hut in the Gesäuse.

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The oldest hut in the Gesäuse is the one with the apt and resonant first name "Ennstaler". The year 1885 is written in old-fashioned letters on its wooden forehead.


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One of the most modern huts in the Gesaeuse clings to the Buchstein. Outstanding cuisine and cool architecture are combined here to create a cozy and delightful hut experience.

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From the Grabneralm you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Gesäuse in its impressive entirety. You actually don't know which mountain group to look at first.

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A Gesäuse hut as it is written in the book. In the middle of the mountain world, with a view of the imposing north walls of the Hochtor Group, it is stuck in the middle of the stony sea of gravel and boulders.

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Imagine the following: A recently expanded picture-book hut in front of the towering, rocky heights of the Reichenstein.


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Nirgendwo sonst in den Gesäusebergen sind 2000er leichter erreichbar als jene stolzen Gipfel, die sich rund um die Klinkehütte aneinanderreihen.

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rottenmanner -hütte

Die Rottenmanner Hütte befindet sich auf 1.651 Höhenmetern, sie liegt von Rottenmann gut erreichbar auf dem Weg hinauf zum Hausberg – dem Steinernen Mandl. 


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Auf 1.020 Meter in der Höh’ ist die Naturfreundehütte (auch Bergbauern-Lackneralm genannt) zu Hause. Will man dorthin, geht es in Palfau ab dem Gehöft Bergbauer los. 


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to know

Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information for you on the subject of refuges. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.


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