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Ardning Alm Hütte


Bosruck - even without a tunnel

The Haller-Mauern-Glück is not far away, just a few steps from the car park at the rustic Ardningalm Hütte. There is a place to relax, plan a hike and stay put, because Karin and Karl are always on their toes to spoil the hut guest with food and drink.

The hiking highway does not lead to Ardning. It's a cosy place and that's a good thing, because Ardning is a recreational village and wants to stay that way. From the other side of the mountain, Upper Austria is already echoing, because the neighbouring province is really not far away.

Hello neighbour!
Numerous hikes from the Ardning Alm make the heart of mountain lovers beat faster. Some of them even cross federal state borders, so you can simply say "Griaß di, Oberösterreich" at the Bosruckhütte or the Rohrauerhaus. When it snows, ski tourers will laugh in their gloves, because they are sure to find what they are looking for. The Ardning Alm location is already known for this.

Hut flair
By the way, the Alm is musical. Monthly regulars' tables bring together the region's musicians and everyone is invited to join in. If you're not that practised or don't like it that much, then listen in, because you're also invited to do so. Conviviality is a matter of course on this alp, and so are regional delicacies such as a good snack or a sip of Gesäuse pearl. The Ardning Alm: a friendly place with lots of potential for wonderful hikes of all kinds and for sitting down afterwards.


  • from the Ardning village square along the forest road trail no. 613 in 1.5 hours
  • Alternatively, take trail no. 45 from Brandlhof via Holling Alm and Rossfeldboden in 2.5 hours.
Transition / Tours / Summits
  • Rohrauerhaus via Arlingsattel in 2 hours
  • Round Karleck: Ardning Alm Hütte - Arlingsattel, shortly after the saddle turn right along the forest road to Rohrauerhaus - Pyhrgasgatterl - Bacheralm - Ardning Alm Hütte; walking time 3 hours
  • Wildfrauen-Klettersteig: Ardning Alm Hütte - Arlingsattel - Wildfrauenhöhle (from here via ferrata A - B) - Frauenmauer - Bosruck - crossing to the Kitzstein (1,925 m) - descent via Rossfeldboden to Ardning Alm Hütte; circumnavigation 6 hours

Year-round hut operation, thursday day off

Links to tour description
Karleck round
Rohrauerhaus round
Rollstuhltour Bacheralm - Pfarreralm
Benediktweg von Spital/Pyhrn - Admont


Jausenstation Ardning Alm Hütte
Karl Völkl
Ardning Alm 50
8904 Ardning

What the weather will be like

Ardning (664m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
0 km/h
Morning clouds will clear gradually. Then frequent sunny periods.
5 km/h
10 km/h
15 km/h
Sunny in the early morning, gradually becoming cloudy. Snow will set in towards evening.
-1°C 3°C
-1°C 4°C
-1°C 3°C