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The history of the Haindlkarhütte is closely connected with the pioneers of alpinism Paul Preuss, Fritz Kasparek and Hubert Peterka. Already in 1923 a base of the Viennese section Reichenstein was built. The Haindlkarhütte, as you will get to know it, was built in 1958. In terms of color and shape, it blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The view is unique and inspires exciting conversations. So even at 1121m above sea level you always have something to do.

Where the roast pork tastes just as good as the Gesäuse pearl and you can also look at the climbers' chalky white fingers with binoculars: The Haindlkarhütte. Sublime and majestic, the gray Hochtor group ogles the hikers and climbers while they enjoy a break between friends.

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In the middle of the mountain world it sticks with a view of the imposing north walls of the Hochtor group in the midst of the stony sea of gravel and boulders. From Weidendom, it takes about two hours to enjoy the refuge feeling. Of course, you can also spend the night among all the mountain giants that embrace you almost a bit motherly.

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The Haindlkarhütte not only serves as a good starting point for long climbing routes through the Hochtor north face and the legendary Peternpfad, but is also a first-class stop on a circular hike. This starts at Gasthof Bachbrücke, leads along the "Wilder John" legend trail and then across a large rubble trench (the so-called "Gseng"), and the Gsengscharte of the same name, to the hut. Then it's back to the parking lot Haindlkarhütte over a dried up stream bed.

  • from Haindlkar parking lot (between Gstatterboden and GH Bachbrücke) on trail no. 658 in 1.5 hours
  • from junction "Gseng" (approx. 2 km road towards Johnsbach) on trail no. 658 in 2.5 hours
  • Crossing to the Heßhütte via Peternpfad (II) in 4 hours

All peaks in the area of the Haindlkarhütte (Planspitze, Peternscharte, Roßkuppe, Dachl and Hochtor) require the mastery of the second degree of difficulty.

Many routes traverse the steep walls, such as the

  • Peternpfad (II)
  • Hochtor-Nordwand (Jahn-Zimmer, III) 
  • Pichlweg (II+) in the Planspitze.

Classic Tours

  • Roßkuppe-Nordwestkante
  • Dachl-Nordwand 
  • Nordwestkante Gr. Ödstein (IV+ to VI)
  • Neutouren to IX.

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The true soul of the Gesaeuse can only unfold if you walk it step by step. Desirable and mighty they open up, the mountains. Let's go.

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Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about the refuge for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.

Getting to the Gesäuse is already half the battle