Gesäuse National Park

Steep, wild, unique - the Gesäuse not only trumps with breathtaking views and raging streams, but also flora and fauna offer uniqueness in many respects. Like the spikes of a crown, the peaks of the Hochtor chain tower above this wonder of nature, the Gesäuse. There are around 200 endemics here, plants and insects that exist exclusively in this microcosm. A wonder of nature that should be marveled at and protected in equal measure, in October 2002 the Gesäuse was declared a national park.



Roaring and rushing, the Enns makes its way through the steep rock faces - Gesäuse, the name says it all. A multitude of rare plants and insects cavort here, making the Gesäuse a very special place and Austria's youngest national park. Whether you get to know this natural jewel via one of the well-signposted hiking trails or one of the educational offers of the national park, the richness of the Gesäuse is worth every excursion - a place to which you want to return again and again.

Gesäuse National Park


Between Admont and Hieflau, where the Enns River runs wild, the only Styrian national park - the Gesäuse - covers an area of about 12,000 hectares. We have summarized our absolute highlights around the national park for you here. What is still missing in this work of art is you.


In the middle of the national park there is a true oasis in the middle of the wilderness: the Willow Dome (Weidendom) has taken up residence there. The living construction in the national park is beautiful to look at and the offer in the adventure center has it all.


Nationalpark Gesäuse | © Stefan Leitner
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A national park would only be half as good if it did not have visitor centers or museums. That is why there is also the National Park Pavilion in the heart of Gstatterboden, with the current exhibition about the Planspitze.


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It is the untouched nature that attracts photographers from all over the world to the realms of the Gesäuse National Park. But what is the best way to get a capercaillie in front of the lens during courtship? This is where the Nationalpark Photo School can help.


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For students of all ages, the national park offers a varied program and for groups a varied excursion destination.


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gesäuse national park

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Gesäuse National Park

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You don't buy the Gesäuse at the lift ticket counter. The Gesäuse wants to be experienced by you with heart and soul. Whatever you have in mind, your dream experience is waiting behind the next click. The rest is up to you.


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Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about the national park for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.

The Gesaeuse National Park is the youngest and third largest national park in Austria

Gesäuse National Park

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Between Admont and Hieflau, where the Enns River impetuously pursues its course, stretches the only national park in Styria. Guarded by the rocky giants - the Hochtor group and the Buchstein massif.

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Gesäuse national Park

12,000 hectares or 0.7% of the area of the province of Styria are national park and belong to the most beautiful things Styria has to offer. Along the untamed waters of the Enns River is one of the last breeding grounds for sandpipers. The wild forests are left to their own devices and endemic rarities such as the ornamental feathered carnation grow on the fearsome rock giants.

In the Gesäuse National Park, resources such as the forest are not exploited and nature is left to its own devices. Therefore, a special biodiversity survives here and develops freely. Such landscapes have become rare and are therefore particularly valuable.

Gesäuse National Park

eat & sleep

They are rustic and outspoken, the Gesäuse inns.  And "regional" is not a code word in the Gesäuse, but a duty. In their backpacks they have a selection of Styrian classics to delight the palate. The traditional preparation awakens a thousand and one memories and, on balance, simply makes you blissful.

And restful sleep is possible in the Gesäuse anyway. Hotels, guesthouses, huts and campsites are scattered all over the Gesäuse. Everyone is sure to find a comfortable bed for the night. That's a promise!