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Your Gesäuse in the heart of Styria

Nordic skiing

Those who only ever have cross-country skis on their mind will probably find their very own Gesäuse on the cross-country trails. A Gesäuse that combines sport and the wintry mountain landscape. You go at your own pace, your heart beats strongly and there are still those moments when you are exactly where you want to be. Despite the cold and the rewarding effort, one can say: cross-country skiing in the Gesäuse - it gives you strength!

Whether classic or skating, you can cross-country ski in Gesäuse at every turn. In Hall there is a real cross-country skiing center with Styrian cross-country skiing seal of approval and 33.5 kilometers to run up and down. But also in Admont, on the Kaiserau, in Kirchenlandl, Ardning, Altenmarkt, Wildalpen and Palfau trails are drawn and the cross-country skis are unpacked. Those who do not bring their own equipment are not out of luck, but can borrow everything from the Pörl Sport Shop in Admont or on the Kaiserau to get on track.

follow the tracks

Cross-country skis unpacked, mountain scenery marveled at and into the track! The heart beats loudly, because finally winter is here and the cross-country trails in the Gesäuse bring the effort you've been looking for. Meter by meter, you work out the rhythm it takes to let the everyday quiet and experience the winter cold and glistening moment. The body warms up and the brain frees.

Nordic Skiing in the Gesäuse


Our mountains are more than their legendary peaks. They are a daily lived whole of Gesäuse nature and Gesäuse man. We have summarized our absolute highlights around the topic of cross-country skiing for you here. What is still missing in this work of art is you.

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The beautifully situated high plateau in winter: There you can enjoy classic cross-country skiing and skating on the approximately six-kilometer-long high-altitude trail.

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The cross-country skiing center is known for its beautiful valley and sunny location, snow guarantee and the 33.5 kilometer long cross-country skiing network over which the Styrian cross-country skiing seal of approval is emblazoned.

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Am schneesicheren Pyhrn, finden Langläufer mit der Pyhrnloipe ein Loipennetz von internationalem Standard. 


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It is not by chance that you end up in Wildalpen. However, those who take the drive along the federal highway 24 north of the Hochschwab group will be richly rewarded. Nestled in one of the most extensive natural areas in Austria.

admonter Valley

If the Gesäuse were a country, its capital would be Admont. Here it is, the gateway to the Gesäuse, in a valley basin on the Enns River and flanked by the local celebrities. You can see them all: the Haller Mauern, the Buchstein, the Hochtorgruppe, the Reichenstein.


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Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about cross-country skiing for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.



eat & sleep

They are rustic and outspoken, the Gesäuse inns.  And "regional" is not a code word in the Gesäuse, but a duty. In their backpacks they have a selection of Styrian classics to delight the palate. The traditional preparation awakens a thousand and one memories and, on balance, simply makes you blissful.

And restful sleep is possible in the Gesäuse anyway. Hotels, guesthouses, huts and campsites are scattered all over the Gesäuse. Everyone is sure to find a comfortable bed for the night. That's a promise!