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Your Gesäuse in the heart of Styria

Climbing & mountaineering

In the Gesäuse you will find countless high alpine climbing routes, which have almost brought it to "world fame" in alpinist circles. After all, the "University of Mountaineering" is at home here, not as a university with tuition fees, but as a term for over a hundred years of alpinism in which the Gesäuse mountains have made history.In the Gesäuse you have enough space to write your own personal mountaineering history. Climbing routes and via ferrata in all levels of difficulty let the carabiners rattle with joy, whether it is now in the multi-rope tour in the over 1,000m vertical and partly overhanging north walls of the Hochtorgruppe or a wall band. 

Where the University of Mountaineering is at home, bolts and historic climbing routes are not far away. The Gesäuse pioneers set alpine milestones in these mountains, nowadays the equipment is better and the route is no longer quite so uncertain. The visitor tries multi-pitch climbing or via ferrata, depending on his own ability. One's own skills can be increased even more - namely if one is accompanied by one of these sympathetic mountain guides.

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Going highter

Routes that are over a century old and completely newly drilled bear witness to the climbing euphoria in the Gesäuse. Mountain sizes such as Planspitze, Hochtor, Ödstein, Buchstein, Reichenstein or Kalbling make climbing hearts beat faster. There are many possibilities, and the conditions in the Gesaeuse were the best source of inspiration. But where do you start and where do you stop? The best thing to do is just to start. The climbing guide „Xeis-Auslese“ is, by the way, a good advisor here.

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Klettern & Bergsteigen im Gesäuse


Our mountains are more than their legendary peaks. They are a daily lived whole of Gesäuse nature and Gesäuse man. We have summarized our absolute highlights on the subject of climbing and mountaineering for you here. What is still missing in this work of art is you.

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What you need to succeed in the steep rock faces: Strength, time and skill. Strength you get with time and time you have to take. The skill you learn, guided by a real expert.

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Not only hikers, but also climbers have their joy with the Buchstein massif, because here, in addition to the popular Buchsteinhaus, there are several sport climbing routes on the Großer Buchstein, as well as a via ferrata.


When one thinks of the Gesäuse, one surely immediately has the Hochtor group with the incredible height differences in mind. Because from the Enns to the summit of the Hochtor is about 1800 meters.


Klinkehütte and Mödlingerhütte have one thing in common: they are both located in the Reichenstein group, which is also called the "small Gesäuse". It lies south of Admont and is bordered on the other side by the Paltental valley.


haller mauern

More than 20 peaks, seven of them over 2000 m, form the Haller Mauern, the northern border to Upper Austria. Many peaks of the Haller Mauern are versatile hiking, climbing and skiing mountains.


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Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about climbing and mountaineering for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.



Eat & Sleep

They are rustic and outspoken, the Gesäuse inns.  And "regional" is not a code word in the Gesäuse, but a duty. In their backpacks they have a selection of Styrian classics to delight the palate. The traditional preparation awakens a thousand and one memories and, on balance, simply makes you blissful.

And restful sleep is possible in the Gesäuse anyway. Hotels, guesthouses, huts and campsites are scattered all over the Gesäuse. Everyone is sure to find a comfortable bed for the night. That's a promise!