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If you want to experience the Gesäuse, go on foot. And because our mountains are high, hiking boots are recommended. On the paths, rocky and angular or soft and mossy, you stride around our desirable and mighty mountains. Or you can go for it and fight your way up the "stony" path to the top. Either way, you end up more satisfied with yourself and the world around you.

In a place where not only the Buchstein and Hochtor groups look each other in the light gray eyes, but also two other mountain ranges, the Haller Mauern and the Reichenstein group, have something to say about it, Mr. and Mrs. hiker feel like in paradise. Speaking of paradise: With our 9 refuges, virtually no mountain tour passes without a worthwhile stop. After all, it's not about your best time. Between the rugged Gesäuse mountains, this results in an alpine arrangement where everything can and nothing must. Those who approach our grandiose mountain nature with the appropriate humility will see their own personal longing fulfilled.

The fact that you are hiking through the only national park and the largest nature park in Styria quickly becomes clear in the Gesäuse. Natural forests with lots of dead wood and a flora and fauna that is strictly protected and only found here, immediately feel much different than anywhere else. But in addition to the wilderness, we have also preserved a wonderful alpine cultural landscape. Gentle and wild at the same time, this Gesäuse.

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With a national park and a nature park in a very small area, our grandiose Gesaeuse nature is already on the safe side. Because away from cable cars and kilometers of ski slopes, no one will block your natural view of the rugged mountain mines. And because you have to make an effort with over 500 kilometers of undeveloped hiking trails, a stop at one of our 9 mountain huts is always a well-deserved treat.

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Hiking in the Gesäuse

Highlights zum Thema Wandern

Our mountains are more than their legendary peaks. They are a daily lived whole of Gesäuse nature and Gesäuse man. We have summarized our absolute highlights around the topic of hiking for you here. What is still missing in this work of art is you.



In the impressive living environments of the Gesaeuse, it is possible to stay longer than just a weekend. Six days, seven huts, endless expanses.


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Lynx trail

Through Austria's wild middle. Hiking where the lynxes live. A new long-distance hiking trail connects three internationally recognized large-scale protected areas in Austria on eleven stages.


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The Johnsbacher Almenrunde is a great declaration of love to the pleasure, because you can stop at no less than four managed alpine pastures on the way. Can? Must!


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When one thinks of the Gesäuse, one surely immediately has the Hochtor group with the incredible height differences in mind. Because from the Enns to the summit of the Hochtor there are considerable 1800 meters.



Not only hikers, but also climbers have their joy with the Buchstein massif, because here, in addition to the popular Buchsteinhaus, there are several sport climbing routes on the Großer Buchstein, as well as a via ferrata.

Haller Mauern

More than 20 peaks, seven of them over 2000 m, form the Haller Mauern, the northern border to Upper Austria. Many peaks of the Haller Mauern are versatile hiking, climbing and skiing mountains.


Klinkehütte and Mödlingerhütte have one thing in common: they are both located in the Reichenstein group, which is also called the "small Gesäuse". It lies south of Admont and is bordered on the other side by the Paltental valley.

Salza valley

Steep gorges, impressive rock formations and colorful vegetation. This is the setting for the Salza and the valley around it. The river meanders rustling through the natural landscape and the conglomerate gorge.


Das Paltental,  das über den Schoberpass, 849 m, hinweg mit dem Liesingtal eine durchgehende Längstalflucht bildet, eignet sich wunderbar zum Wandern. Für das leibliche Wohl  sorgt die Rottenmanner Hütte.


At a glance with all the details.

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entdecke dein gesäuse

Das Gesäuse kauft man sich nicht am Liftschalter. Das Gesäuse will von dir mit Herz und Seele erlebt werden. Was auch immer du vorhast, dein Wunscherlebnis wartet hinter dem nächsten Klick. Der Rest liegt an dir.


to know

Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about hiking for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.

Getting to the Gesäuse is already half the battle



They are rustic and outspoken, the Gesäuse inns.  And "regional" is not a code word in the Gesäuse, but a duty. In their backpacks they have a selection of Styrian classics to delight the palate. The traditional preparation awakens a thousand and one memories and, on balance, simply makes you blissful.

And restful sleep is possible in the Gesäuse anyway. Hotels, guesthouses, huts and campsites are scattered all over the Gesäuse. Everyone is sure to find a comfortable bed for the night. That's a promise!