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Your Gesäuse in Styria


Good, real bathing fun is also at home in the Gesäuse. Here an outdoor pool, there a bathing lake! In even the smallest village you will find an opportunity to cool off in the blue water, to relax on the sunbathing lawn or to vote on who has performed the best backflip. The offer for splashing and crawling is really big and the bathing day is saved for sure. There are no excuses in the Gesäuse.



It's summer, it's hot - how much would you give for a dip in the cool water and a fruity ice cream? Well,  you don't have to compromise when it comes to cooling off in the Gesäuse. There is an abundance of outdoor pools from Liezen to Wildalpen, natural pools and bathing lakes including a leisure park. And a fruity ice cream or the obligatory pommmes are of course also available. 

So take the jump into the cold water!


Swimming in the Gesäuse


Our absolute highlights around the topic of outdoor pools & lakes, we have summarized for you here. What's missing in this work of art is you.

Lake lassing

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Lake Landl

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Outdoor pool liezen

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Lake weißenbach 

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Water adventure park st. gallen

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All pools & Lakes

At a glance with all the details

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to know

Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.

Der gute, echte Badespaß ist auch im Gesäuse daheim.

Your Gesäuse in Styria

Eat & Sleep

They are rustic and outspoken, the Gesäuse inns.  And "regional" is not a code word in the Gesäuse, but a duty. In their backpacks they have a selection of Styrian classics to delight the palate. The traditional preparation awakens a thousand and one memories and, on balance, simply makes you blissful.

And restful sleep is possible in the Gesäuse anyway. Hotels, guesthouses, huts and campsites are scattered all over the Gesäuse. Everyone is sure to find a comfortable bed for the night. That's a promise!