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No Gesäuse without Grabneralm! Perhaps the alpine nature trail, the many goats or the Grabneralmhaus (as a "balcony to the Gesäuse)" are responsible for the significance of this special place? From the Grabneralm you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Gesäuse in its impressive entirety. You actually don't know which mountain group to look at first.

Some park the car at the Buchauer Sattel and hike along the alpine nature trail up to the alp with an outstanding panoramic view of the Gesäuse. Others come by mountain bike. For the hosts of the Grabneralmhaus, either is fine, the main thing is that the guests like it and enjoy the sun terrace. Regardless of whether you just sit on the alpine pasture, visit the cheese dairy or continue hiking, the Grabneralm is a real Gesäuse classic to linger and admire the view.

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The sun deck of gesäuse

A real classic is the hike alone from the parking lot Buchauer Sattel up to the alp. Then you can go one better and hike on in the direction of Admonter Haus or to the flower mountain called Grabnerstein. But it is also tempting to enjoy the Alm itself. Time and again, the trusting goats march by there, supplying the milk for the show dairy a few meters further down. The Grabneralm: A place to slow down and switch off.




The family-friendly Grabneralm is very popular. In the warmer months, people love to come by mountain bike from the Buchauer Sattel to stop at the popular Grabneralmhaus. The hosts also work hard to ensure that young and old alike feel at home here. There is a sun terrace, a campfire area, a large room for private parties and brand new mattresses and rustic rooms to mooch around in the alpine flair.

  • from Buchauer Sattel on trail no. 636 in 1,5 hours
  • to the Admonterhaus in 1 hour
  • to Admonterhaus via Grabnerstein and "Jungfern-Klettersteig" (A-B) in 2 hours
  • Grabnerstein (1,847 m): from Grabneralm on trail no. 036 in approx. 1.25 hours / Grabnerstein = most beautiful flower mountain in Styria - blooming period from approx. mid-May to mid-July
  • Grabnerstein North Face (V+)
  • Rauchmauer (also Zwölfermauer, north of the Mittagskogel) east ridge (IV)
  • various routes in the south wall (from V)

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The true soul of the Gesaeuse can only unfold if you walk it step by step. Desirable and mighty they open up, the mountains. Let's go.

Things to know

around the grabneralm

Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about the refuge for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.