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Located close to Hochtor and Planspitze, there is a place where you can stay longer. Even without cell phone reception! May we introduce? The Heßhütte, the largest and best known hut in the Gesäuse. The Heßhütte has been in existence since 1893. It was named after the Gesäuse developer Heinrich Heß, the man who wrote the first Gesäuse guidebook and was the first "tourist" to walk the Peternpfad and the Wasserfallweg.


Hiking to the Heßhütte, that's a start. After the night in the hut in the camp or in the four-bed room, you see the Bergfex then early in the morning swarm out: Most of them in the direction of Hochtor, others to Planspitze. The panoramic trail up the Hochzinödl is popular with those who want to take it easier.


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Here i will stay

If you already like it at the Heßhütte, then you can just stay, because conviviality is very important there. So you would have enough time to taste through the regional menu and - who likes - the quality wines and the beer brewed especially for the Heßhütte. If you are very lucky, then just Gamssuppen weeks or lamb days are announced and you never want to leave anyway.




Either you start in Johnsbach and enjoy the hike to the hut, which leads over the "zachen Schuach" and mystical forest. Or you choose the second option via the waterfall trail, which starts at the parking lot Kummerbrücke and leads the experienced mountain walker over steep tracks and iron ladders. The third option is the Hartelsgrabenweg with its bonus Sulzkaralm.

  • from GH Kölbl in Johnsbach on trail no. 601 in 3 hours
  • from parking lot Kummerbrücke (Gesäusestraße near Gstatterboden in the direction of Hieflau) on trail no. 660 over the Wasserfallweg (secured climb) in 3.5 hours
  • through Hartelsgraben via Sulzkaralm and Sulzkarhund on trail no. 665 and 601 respectively in 5 hours

The Heßhütte is part of the "Gesäuse Hüttenrunde" and the "From Glacier to Wine - Northern Route".

  • to the Haindlkarhütte via the unsecured "Peternpfad" (descent II) in 4 hours
  • Zinödl (2.191 m) panoramic circular trail no. 662 in 3 hours
  • Planspitze (2,117 m) via trail no. 664 (I+) in 2 hours
  • Hochtor (2,369 m - highest Gesäuse peak) via trail no. 664 "Josefinensteig" (I+) in 2.5 hours - descent via Schneelochpfeiler (I+) possible
  • Dachl south face (II-III), Hochtor Tellersack "Grazerweg" (IV+)
  • Zinödl (short routes in the east wall)

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The true soul of the Gesaeuse can only unfold if you walk it step by step. Desirable and mighty they open up, the mountains. Let's go.

Things to know


Before you and the Gesäuse really get started, we have compiled the most important tips and information about the refuge for you. If you still have questions, just contact our team - we will be happy to help you personally.

Getting to the Gesäuse is already half the battle