Weingut Söll

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  • Pogoji

    My philosophy

    I learned early on:

    The quality of the grape is crucial for the quality of the wine.Therefore, in short, the quality of the wine is largely in the vineyard! I understood early on that many things, as they are operated in viticulture (including organic wine), are not operable for generations. That's why I've started to search my own way, without looking at others, not doing what serves only for quick profit. I do not do much the same today as I learned at the Silberberg wine school. I would like to move the borders in Styrian viticulture. One thing is clear to me today: If you want to know where the borders are, you have to cross the borders again and again!


    The consequence, the cells of the leaves, grow more slowly, are closer together, stronger and thus more resistant to diseases, crop protection is not necessary to the extent necessary. The roots of the vines migrated into the deeper soil layers and the vine is more independent in Niedersgglägen, dryness, ....! MINIMAL PROCESSING! Frequent foliage cutting and shortening of shoots is avoided. Our vines, leaves and shoots are almost exclusively worked by hand and grow naturally and freely. Not optics in the vineyard decisions are made, but the desired quality and a natural way of working. Currently, we save around 90% of sprays compared to 19 years ago. Due to the minimal processing, we additionally burden the environment with around 3000 liters of diesel fuel a year! If all winegrowing enterprises in Austria work similarly, that would be a fuel saving of about 14,700,000 liters, ie about 230,000 car tank fills, so in a winemaker's career about 440,000,000 liters or 6,900,000 tank fillings only in Austria !!!


    The use of tractors is saved wherever possible, and replaced by human labor. We consciously create and maintain jobs. This positive energy which of course can not be provided by a machine can later be found in the grapes and in our wines.


    For more than 10 years is on herbicides and for more than 16 years on pesticides (even those on the organic wine are allowed) waived. The vines are manually mown. In the vineyards grow now about 25 different grasses and herbs (instead of about 8) which in turn has a positive effect on the whole system (soil, soil life, microorganisms, insects, vine, wine, ...). In addition, it is especially in spring and early summer a pleasure to watch the splendor of color in the vineyards and the bustle of the innumerable insects.


    For 18 years we have been processing our vineyards after the moon phase and have achieved amazing successes. As a result, we also do the harvest, and certain cellar works exclusively after the moon phases, so that we can process the wines even more natural and largely according to biological criteria.


    People tend to always want to do everything better and to get into nature - higher, faster, farther, has already found its way into viticulture. My motto: LET'S BE! Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, nature is allowed to shape. We invite you to taste our wines with us. I am happy to tell you personally at a vineyard tour more!

Kontakt in navodila

Weingut Söll

Steinbach 63a,
8462 Gamlitz AT


Weingut Söll
Johannes & Maria Söll
Steinbach 63a,
8462 Gamlitz AT


  • Velikost 40 m²
    Zasedenost 1 - 2 odrasli , 0 - 2 otroci
    Sobe 1
    spalnica 1
  • Velikost 26 m²
    Zasedenost 1 - 2 odrasli
    Sobe 1
    spalnica 1

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