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Mountain railways Turracherhöhe


Sommer wie Winter bringt Sie die Bergbahn Turracher Höhe in luftige 2305 m Höhe. Genießen Sie einfach von dort die Aussicht beim Wandern, Biken oder Ski fahren.

Nocky Flitzer

The use of the Nocky Flitzers is only possible if tested, vaccinated or recovered.

Welcome and get ready – enjoy a spectacular ride with the year-round Alpine roller coaster

On the right track … with the Nocky Flitzer at Turracher Höhe. You’ll enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery as the Panoramabahn cable car whisks you to the top of Carinthia’s one-of-a-kind Alpine coaster offering unique enjoyment for young and old as they go whizzing down the mountain on 1,600 m/1 mile long tracks summer and winter alike.

At 2,000 m/6,562 ft above sea level, you start speeding back downhill through idyllic alpine pastures and lush green forests following the contours of the Panorama slope. Jumps, waves and 3 spirals built into the track escalate the thrills even further. It’s a ride you won’t forget.

You’d like to know more about it? See here for detailed facts about the Nocky Flitzer …

Winter fun

Turracher Höhe, the winter paradise – the very individual ski resort on the border between Carinthia and Styria

A winter vacation on the Turracher Höhe is one thing above all: varied.

This tourist region at an altitude of 1,763 metres is a multifaceted winter paradise: with snowy pistes (up to 2,205 m), wide ranging cross country skiing tracks, unique winter hiking routes and an idyllic mountain lake that in winter is transformed into a natural skating rink.

The Turracher Höhe is therefore the perfect winter vacation region, not only for skiers but also for snowboarders, cross country skiers, winter and snow shoe hikers, walkers, ski mountaineers, skaters and night tobogganers.

The winter sport region Turracher Höhe offers great conditions for skiers, carvers and snowboarders alike:

  • 42 kilometers of varied slopes of different levels of difficulty
  • 14 cable cars and ski lifts (one combi lift of 6-person chair and 8-seater cabin, four 6-person chair lifts,  one 2-person chair lift, 7 drag lifts and one rope tow)
  • Lift operation: 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Ski schools for skiers, carvers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers
  • Equipment rental
  • Austrian biggest Fun Mountain are
  • Nighttime skiing on Wednesdays from 8 - 9.30 p.m. at the practice lift


Bergbahnen Turracher Höhe
Nr. 178
8864 Turracher Höhe

What the weather will be like

Stadl-Predlitz (882m)

5 km/h
7 km/h
4 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
3 km/h
4 km/h
4 km/h
Sunny in the early morning, then increasingly cloudy and finally some snowflakes.
-6°C -1°C
-8°C -1°C
-8°C -1°C