Nature Trail Art trail (Weg der Kunst) - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Thermen- & Vulkanland Nature Trail Art trail (Weg der Kunst) - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Thermen- & Vulkanland

Art trail (Weg der Kunst)

A circular trail starting from Stainz provides great sensory experiences! Experience art with all senses on 9 km uphill and downhill!
Weg der Kunst - Experience art with all your senses - that is the idea behind this unique project in the municipality of Straden. In the midst of the idyllic cultural landscape of the Styrian Volcanic Land, the 7 km long circular path invites you to embark on a journey to yourself and become aware of your own being.

Walk in the footsteps of artists and hear the stones hum, feel the diversity of materials and immerse yourself in an exciting listening experience in the mystical sound forest. Above all, listen to your inner voice.

The fact that art in the Styrian Volcano Land also has a very lively side is proven by the contents of the various stations. Basket weavers and ceramic artists have revived an old craft tradition with their skills. In the cauldrons of the schnapps distillers are created with great patience many times excellent noble brandies and the local poet tells episodes that once wrote the life in the region.



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Level of difficulty
9,3 km
2:45 h
264 hm
264 hm
352 m
Highest point
250 m
Lowest point

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Our hike along the Path of Art begins at the House of Volcanoes in Stainz. We follow the signs into the village until we reach the Tschartake with a tactile station. A little further to the right of the trail, a basalt stele indicates a geomantic point. Our hike now leads us right along the path to the Tauchenrast where a basalt bomb is deposited. It is a witness of the volcanic activity in the region and comes from the basalt quarry on the opposite Stradnerkogel. We continue along the Klangallee to the idyllically situated Muggendorf Chapel. Through the sound forest our hike leads us to the hill, where a garden of the Grach family along the way entices us to marvel. Shortly after we find the schnapps farm Tischler. Further for us the way to the owl, a wooden sculpture and through the forest up to the chainsaw museum. After that the path leads us downhill again. We now reach our starting point again at the House of Volcanoes via a flat stretch.


Power of the earth:
Along the path there are also geomantic points. Here, where the volcanoes formed the landscape ages ago, the earth offers a glimpse of its unimaginable energy. Those who are ready to feel the power of the earth have here the possibility to experience the depths of the earth's origin.


Breeding ground of the European Roller:
In a unique initiative, the habitat of the European Roller has been preserved by the Blaurackenverein LEiV in Stainz near Straden. Here in the region around Straden there are still some breeding pairs of this extremely rare migratory bird.


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free parking at the House of Volcanoes
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Information about the Blauracke:



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Mariazell (860m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
0 km/h
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Rather cloudy in the morning, then sunny spells will develop gradually.
3°C 10°C
slightly cloudy
3°C 10°C
2°C 12°C
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