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World Cup Trail Planai

Along the World Cup trail you walk downhill from Planai to Schladming and get to know the history of the World Championships 2013.
Along the World Cup trail you hike along the skiing history of the Planai ski area. The trail takes you to the starting points and key sections of the various Alpine ski races of the Alpine Ski World Championships 2013.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
7,3 km
2:30 h
3 hm
1084 hm
1821 m
Highest point
740 m
Lowest point

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Exit from federal highway B320 at the exit "Schladming-Ost" and continue to the valley terminal of the Planai cable-car.

From the mountain terminal of Planai cable-car start downhill on trail n° 779. You pass by Schafalm on the well maintained trail via a couple of switchbacks and reach the hut of the mountain rescue and Hopsiland at Lärchkogel. A short passage through the forest and then along the FIS ski slope takes you to the starting area of the Alpine World Championships' Downhill event.

Further downhill you walk through sections in the forest or along the FIS Alpine Downhill slope. A bit below the Bruckmoos pond you walk across the meadow (ski slope in winter) and head towards the Lärchkogel slope. Here you turn off from trail n° 779 and walk towards the mountain terminal of the 1st section of the Planai cable-car, which you will reach after a couple of minutes via several switchbacks. At this point was the start of the Alpine World Championships' Super-G events.

Further downhill to the town

From here you follow trail n° 53 and hike down through high forest of Fastenberg to Breilerhof farm. From Breilerhof you walk along the road for a short section - passing by the carpentry Schrempf - until you reach Planaistraße road. You cross the street and also Fastenbergstraße road after it and walk through the forest for a short section until you reach Harreiterweg road. Passing by the Holzhackerstube inn you make your way downhill through a tunnel beneath the Downhill slope, where the starting points of the Alpine World Championships' Giant Slalom events were situated.

The Harreiterweg then leads into the forest, where you turn off on the hiking trail just after a few meters in the forest and walk down 2 switchbacks and again reach the Harreiterweg. Follow it to the right for a few meters and then turn off left onto trail n° 53 again, which takes you further downhill towards Schladming. After about 20 to 25 minutes descent through the forest you reach a great viewpont on top of the final slope of the Planai ski area. Here you have a great view to the finishing area of the World Cup events and the legendary Nightrace, as well as across the beautiful mountain town of Schladming.

In only a couple of minutes you reach Berggasse street via a gravel trail. At Berggasse make a right and after 300 m make a right again into Schießstattgasse street, which takes you directly to the valley terminal of Planai cable-car at Planai-Stadium.

Trail characteristics

The trail for the most part is a 1 meter wide gravel trail.

Plan an entire day for a day at Planai and a walk along the World Cup trail: there is a lot to do and see, e.g. the Planai Panorama Trail, the Hopsiland Planai (a huge playground for kids), a high ropes garden and of course many culinary delights at the various huts and chalets.

In the town of Schladming you can take the Citybus. From Rohrmoos take the Planai buses to Planet Planai, from Ramsau take the buses of Ramsauer Verkehrsbetriebe. 

From there take the Planai cable-car to the top.

Parking is available at the valley terminal of the Planai cable-car at Planai Stadium.

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What the weather will be like

Schladming (740m)

5 km/h
very sunny
10 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Some clouds in the morning, lateron much sunshine and hardly any clouds
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
very sunny
5 km/h
Some clouds in the morning, lateron much sunshine and hardly any clouds
very sunny
17°C 28°C
17°C 26°C
20°C 27°C

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