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    delights for the palate in the region of Graz

    Culinary delights in the region of Graz

     They say that the way to a man’s (and woman’s) heart is through his (or her) stomach. That’s especially true in the region of Graz with its multitude of culinary offers. The area is the gateway to the Styrian wine-growing region, which is known for its exquisite products. What’s more, Graz is Austria’s only official capital of delight.

    „No pleasure is temporary, because the impression it leaves behind, is permanent.“
    Johann Wolfang von Goethe

    Welcome to Austria’s “delicatessen store”!

    The delicacies of the region

    The products grown and processed in Styria make food lovers’ hearts beat faster. At the region’s many farmers markets or in the online shops of direct marketers you can find a vast selection of Styrian delicacies, for instance

    •    "Grazer Krauthäuptel" salad
    •    apples
    •    wine
    •    pumpkins
    •    asparagus
    •    strawberries
    •    vegetables
    •    scarlet runner beans
    •    lamb's lettuce
    •    horseradish
    •    cherries
    •    … and in Graz even truffels!

    Pumpkin seed oil 

    the green gold of styria

    Styrian pumpkin seed oil is a true superfood. The healthy oil is popular beyond the borders of Styria – despite the fact that its colour takes some getting used to if you haven’t grown up with it. The “green gold of Styria” has an exquisite, nutty and full-bodied taste, especially when it comes fresh from the oil mill.

    Our tip: Try fresh “Grazer Krauthäuptel” or field salad with a dressing of pumpkin seed oil – it’s truly addictive!

    Schilcher wine

    the best of local grapes

    Austrian author Reinhard P. Gruber once wrote that Styrians are fuelled by a two-stroke mixture of pumpkin seed oil and Schilcher wine. And as a native west Styrian, he probably knew what he was talking about! The Schilcher is a very special wine that is only produced in Styria. It is made from the “Blaue Wildbacher” grape and has a pink to onion-coloured tinge. With its fresh and fruity flavours, it’s a great aperitif and goes well with typical Styrian snack platters

    It’s definitely worthwhile to follow the signs with the white horse that point you to the Schilcher wine road in Ligist. You will be rewarded with one-of-a-kind landscapes, romantic vineyards and traditional, rustic wine taverns.

    Beer and wine, and you’ll feel fine!

    beer breweries

    The “big” Styrian beer brands Gösser, Reininghaus or Puntigam are known all across Austria. However, there are also numerous private breweries with an excellent reputation.

    Treasure-filled manufactories

    Cheese, vinegar, fine spirits, fruit juices, must or honey: If you visit one of the many manufactories in the region of Graz, you will discover plenty of culinary treasures.


    Rustic wine taverns: a Styrian delight

    Wine taverns are a real institution of Styrian culture and popular with guests from all walks of life. Locals and tourists alike meet there to enjoy regional delicacies and heartfelt hospitality.

    Excellent wine taverns can be found all throughout the wine and fruit-growing regions of the province. Their cosy parlours and charming gardens are the perfect places to sample your way through Styrian specialities such as Brettljause, plums and bacon, savoury “Buchteln”, Styrian funnel cake or others – accompanied by a fine glass of house wine or homemade juice, of course.

    Cheers | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart
    Brettljause | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart
    Culinary delights in autumn | © Graz Tourismus | Tom Lamm
    Gleinalm | © TV Region Graz | Jimmy Lunghammer

    Alpine pastures and mountain huts

    Feels like heaven!
    Fresh mountain air makes you hungry! That’s why it’s an excellent idea to stop by for a little snack after a challenging climb or a long hike. After all, there’s nowhere that a traditional snack platter tastes better than at one of Styria’s numerous mountain huts! 

    mountain huts


    Self-service shops and vending machines offer regional specialities and are available 7 days a week and around the clock.

    Gasthof Thomahan
    Grazer Bundesstraße 15, 8114 Peggau
    The inn offers drinks and changing dishes for pick-up in the vending machine

    Konditorei Handl
    Parksiedlung 5, 8101 Gratkorn
    Sweets to go ! Fresh pastries daily;

    Strassengler Genusseck
    Gratweiner Straße 17, 8111 Gratwein-Strassengel
    Shop with regional food, vending machine in front of the shop (yoghurt, spreads, bacon, eggs...)

    Hofladen Schöckl
    Fam. Sauseng und Schiegl, 8061 Stenzengreith
    Vending machine at the valley station of the Schöckl cable car in St. Radegund (pasta, eggs, liqueurs, juices, honey)

    Bauernhofmolkerei Hofer
    Verkaufshütte Rinneggerstraße 11, 8061 St. Radegund  (milk, curd, butter, natural and fruit yoghurt)
    All products in environmentally friendly reusable jars

    Ackerbox in Nestelbach
    Dorfplatz 2, 8302 Nestelbach
    Self-service shop with fresh vegetables, regional pastries and dairy products from local farmers. Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9 am - 9 pm, Sat 9 am - 6 pm, closed on Sun and public holidays.
    A terminal guides you step by step through the payment process (cash or card payment possible).

    Feines vom Silberhof
    Silberweg 5, 8302 Nestelbach
    Self-service shop with dairy products, eggs, Verkackert etc.

    Schmankerlautomat Hotel Liebmann
    at car park 2 of the hotel, the vending machine offers snacks, drinks, YinGin, pumpkin seed oil, eggs, milk and much more around the clock.

    Schöninger Walter
    Hönigtaler Straße 22, 8301 Kainbach bei Graz ; Tel: +43/660/6954717
    Fruit, juices, vinegar, schnapps in the self-service refrigerator on the farm


    Genussbauernhof Hillebrand
    Bierbaum 43, 8141 Premstätten
    In addition to the farm shop, there is a self-service machine with 33 products (e.g. kernel oil, yoghurt, fruit juices).

    Hofschneider Dirndln
    Hauptstraße 50, 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz
    Eggs, juices, milk, iodine belt, cheese, meat products.
    With return option for bottles, jars and egg cartons

    Lipizzanerheimat farm shop next to the Spar market in Ligist.
    The assortment includes many regional specialities

    „Die Speis“ von Fleischerei Großschädl
    Hauptstraße 12, 8275 Bärnbach (opposite Autohaus Mürzl)

    Automat bei Hundertwasserkirche Bärnbach
    with regional products
    Piberstraße 15, 8275 Bärnbach

    Fleischerei Mosshammer
    Zinsendorfgasse 12, 8010 Graz 
    Meat products and food in a jar
    Vending machine locations in the Zinsendorfgasse, Graz Liebenau-Casalgasse 68, Unterthalstraße, 8051 Thal

    Tortenautomat der Konditorei Handl
    - Straßganger Str. 241, 8053 Graz
    - Andritzer Reichsstraße 41, 8054 Graz
    - and at the butcher's shop Mosshammer



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