Clock Tower Graz | © Graz Tourism | Werner Krug Clock Tower Graz | © Graz Tourism | Werner Krug
Welcome at the provincial capital of Styria

Sightseeing in the region of Graz

From city to the countryside in less than ten minutes – and vice versa. Both is easy in the region of Graz. And both is utterly enjoyable!

Countryside hikes or city strolls, cycling or swimming, museums or mountain huts: There’s plenty to see and do in the region of Graz. One thing should definitely be on your holiday list though: a visit to Graz, the provincial capital of Styria.



A trip to Graz is always a good idea. Amble through the World Heritage Old Town. Marvel at the fascinating contrasts between futuristic architecture and historic buildings. Or simply go on a shopping spree and hunt for bargains.

Lange Tafel | © Graz Tourism | Werner Krug

Graz is all rolled into one:

provincial capital of Styria, Austria’s second-biggest city, City of Design, university city, Knowledge City, UNESCO World Heritage and Austria’s only Capital of Delight. And the city lives up to each and every one of these titles! 


Sightseeing in Graz


Head off - vacation on!
Laugh, eat and experience together. Here you can find even more inspiration for a stay in Graz Region: