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Taste, culture and lifestyle in the Graz region. The extensive offer awakens holiday sensations like in the old days and invites you to linger with trendy places. There is also an infinite amount to discover and even more to enjoy just outside the city gates.

Graz is the capital of delight with its Mediterranean attitude to life embodies enjoyment, culture and design. Be warmly welcomed in the big living room of our lovely old town.

From city to countryside in 10 minutes: Fascinating stalactite caves, tranquil life of yesteryear in the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing, contemporary art in the countryside in the Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten or majestic horses at the Lipizzaner Stud Farm Piber - the Graz region offers pure culture!

Active enjoyment of nature: with 13 pleasure bike tours around Graz and well-marked hiking trails that lead to culinary delights and Styrian hospitality. Those who still want to immerse themselves in summer freshness will be rewarded with extraordinary water experiences.

Here you will find helpful information about a stay in the Graz region. From cultural excursion destinations, active recreational opportunities in nature, culinary treasures, events to special offers and packages, here you will find useful information for your holiday planning! If you have any further questions, the team of the Graz region will be happy to answer them personally!