Weinitzer Dorffest | © Graz Region | Harry Schiffer Weinitzer Dorffest | © Graz Region | Harry Schiffer
typical styrian customs

Traditions and customs in Graz Region

All throughout Styria, old traditions and customs are deeply rooted and cherished. Of course, that’s also true for Graz Region!

Whether it’s traditional festivities, regional costumes, folk music or handcraft: In Graz Region, old traditions are filled with new life every day.

Celebrations and festivities

The Easter celebrations traditionally mark the start of the annual festivities in Styria. They include charming Easter markets and impressive bonfires.

At the beginning of May, Piber stud farm hosts a big annual Mother’s Day event in celebration of all mothers.

Every two years at Corpus Christi, locals show off their traditional costumes at the Lederhosen Festival in Übelbach, accompanied by plenty of music and entertainment.


During the summer months, numerous summer events and festivals such as the Castle Festival at Piber stud farm take place all across the Graz Region. On Assumption Day (15 August), herbs are traditionally tied to bouquets that are consecrated in the churches of Semriach and other towns as well as at the Austrian Open-Air Museum in Stübing.

In September, you can visit the Late Summer Festival at the Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten. In Hirschegg in the Steirische Rucksackdörfer region, there’s the “Birnkirta” and in Modriach the “Rupertikirtag”.  

All throughout autumn, numerous Harvest and Autumn Festivals take place all over the region. For instance, don’t miss the “Almabtrieb“ procession of the young Lipizzan horses in the Lipizzanerheimat region, the “Erlebnistag” festival at the Austrian Open-Air Museum in Stübing and the “Aufsteirern” festival in Graz!  

Have a magical holiday season

Advent in the Region of Graz

In the Christmas season, the entire Graz Region shines with splendour. During Advent, the city centre of Graz is adorned with festive decorations, and there are numerous Christmas markets. Also don’t miss the advent calendar projected on the front of the city’s town hall and the famous Ice Nativity Scene at the Renaissance courtyard of Landhaus Graz. Every year, this extraordinary ice sculpture is created by international artists from more than 22 tons of ice.

Throughout Graz Region, numerous events and Christmas markets help you pass the time until Christmas Eve. 

Christmas markets at Hüblerhof in Semriach, at Hauptplatz and Murhof in Frohnleiten, in Laßnitzhöhe, at castle Alt-Kainach and Piber castle. 
"Tannesgras & Lebzeltstern", a traditional chistmas market at Austrian open-air museum Stübing
Packer Mountain Advent

•    New Year’s Eve torchlight walk in Hirschegg 
•    New Year’s Eve balls and events throughout Graz Region 
•    impressive light show at Hauptplatz square in Graz on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve in Graz | © Graz Tourism | Harry Schiffer
Frohnleiten | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Harry Schiffer
Open-Air Museum Stübing | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart

Folk culture in and around Graz


Folk culture heritage and enduring values are preserved and made accessible at the Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing, the Folklore Museum Graz and the Styrian Folklore Museum.

At Stübing Open-Air Museum, you can learn all about the life of our ancestors and discover treasures from six centuries of cultural heritage. During special events and craft shows, you get to know old techniques and traditions, for instance during “Palmbuschenbinden” at Easter, the “Dangln Wetzn Mahn“ mowing course in June or the year-round basket weaving and knitting workshops.

The Steirische Heimatwerk is all about traditional craftsmanship. If you’re a fan of traditional costumes, Dirndl and Lederhosen, you should definitely drop by.

What do everyday objects tell us about life? The objects exhibited at the recently renovated Volkskundemuseum (folk life museum) reflect our daily lives. They include objects of daily life as well as precious objects for special occasions.

Austrian Open-Air Museum | © OEFM Stübing | E. Poettler
Aufsteirern | © Graz Tourism | Harry Schiffer
Altweibersommer | © Graz Region | Harry Schiffer

genuine craft businesses

Regional craftsmanship

Accordion manufacturers
Quetschn, Rumpl, Zugorgel, Wanznpress, Ziachharmonie, Harmonie or Steirische – whatever you call them, traditional Austrian accordions are still handmade by the following manufacturers:  

From head to shoe


The locals of Styria love to wear their Dirndl and Lederhosen, particularly on special occasions. Every region has its own traditional costume. For instance, that of the Lipizzanerheimat region reflects the area’s typical colours: the white of the Lipizzan horses, the lush green of the meadows and the black, grey and brown of the young foals and of mining. The Dirndl of the Graz Region, the “Mittelsteirische Alltagstracht“, is traditionally red, black and green. Where to buy the traditional costumes: 

Steirisches Heimatwerk in Graz
“Mittelsteirische Alltagstracht” and original Styrian costumes and accessories

Trachtenstube Pachatz in Köflach
Lipizzanertracht costumes

Schneiderei Christian Sabetz in Köflach
Gentlemen’s tailor and leather tailor, handmade deerskin lederhosen, tailor-made traditional suits and uniforms

Almrauschkirtag Semriach | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Harry Schiffer
Styrian tradition | © Graz Region | Mias Photoart
Styrian tradition | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart

an important part of Styrian culture

The sound of Styria

Even before the success of the famous Styrian band STS, music has always been an important part of Styrian culture. For instance, the Kern Buam from Gradenberg near Köflach used to be Austria’s most famous folk music band. To find out more about their career and history, visit Kern Buam Museum in Voitsberg or the Kern Buam panoramic trail

Another go-to place for fans of traditional folk music is the Steirische Volksliedwerk which is all about songs (don’t miss the one-of-a-kind Office for Christmas carols), melodies and lyrics. What’s more, they offer various courses and seminars to learn how to yodel or play the violin, harp or the diatonic button accordion.  

By the way: An altogether different sound – yet just as typical of Styria – is the belling of the stags. After all, hunting is an important regional tradition, too. If you would like to experience the fascinating soundscape of the mating season, we recommend visiting Hirschegg in autumn.

Kern-Buam Museum | © Dieter Sajovic www.dieabbilderei.at 06769001020 | Die Abbilderei | Lipizzanerheimat
Open-Air Museum Stübing | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Harry Schiffer
Folklore | © Erlebnisregion Graz | Harry Schiffer


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