Packer Stausee | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart Packer Stausee | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart
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The fascination of water around Graz

Water is the world’s most precious commodity. There is no life without water – neither for us nor for nature. What’s more, water has a soothing and healing effect on our body and soul. Fortunately, Graz Region is virtually bubbling – with water as well as with life!

Water has invigorating and soothing effects all throughout the year. For instance, when cycling or hiking along the rivers and lakes of the Graz Region during spring and autumn. Or during summer, when you can take a refreshing dip or paddle across a lake or stream.

Year-round adventures on, in and along the water

Fascinating and refreshing

The spring trails of St. Radegund and the water-themed trail in Übelbach are picturesque and romantic. 

Hear, see and feel the force of nature at Kesselfall gorge.

The Mur cycle path crosses the whole province of Styria. A great alternative for water lovers is Kainach valley cycle path in the southwest of the Graz region.

Numerous lovingly maintained public pools and natural swimming lakes offer perfect opportunities for swimming, surfing, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, fishing and other water sports.

Many of the top excursion destinations of Graz Region involve water.

For instance, Lurgrotte cave, with its two entrances at Semriach and Peggau, is Austria‘s largest active water cave.

At Sensenwerk scythe factory in Deutschfeistritz, you can learn about the importance of water for age-old craftsmanship.

Packer Stausee | © TV Region Graz | Josef Kopp

Public pools and lakes outside of Graz

The many public pools and romantic swimming lakes in and around Graz are perfect for taking a dip and soaking up the sun. On bad-weather days, there is plenty of indoor water fun on offer – for instance at Therme Nova spa in Köflach or at the public indoor pools of Graz, Deutschfeistritz, Gratkorn and Kalsdorf.

public pools and lakes

Splash about in all corners of the region

In the north

… you can choose between:

  • the relaxed family adventure pool in Semriach
  • the action, sports and fun provided at Sports and Recreation Park Frohnleiten
  • state-of-the-art Tieber Recreation Centre with sports activities and a campsite at a former gravel pit, 
  • the well-kept swimming lake of Bad Weihermühle with its many offers for guests of all ages and 
  • St. Radegund Recreation Centre with its constant water temperature and solar heating.

In the east

Eggersdorf Recreation Centre invites you to splash about in highest-quality water without any chemical additives. Another picturesque spot for swimming is nearby Well Welt Kumberg.

In the south

… it’s only seven kilometres from the provincial capital of Graz to the “ocean” of the locals, Lake Schwarzlsee. The Copacabana in Kalsdorf is another great place to enjoy a bit of beach atmosphere.

In the west

… active water lovers and relaxation-seekers can “dive in, enjoy and relax” at Therme Nova in Köflach. Other perfect swimming spots include Bärnbach castle pool, Voitsberg adventure pool and Ligist family adventure pool.

Packer reservoir and Hirzmann reservoir are two of the region’s hidden gems – with their top-class water quality and picturesque surroundings, they are two marvellous mountain lakes.

Water and sports – a perfect combination

Water sports in the region of Graz

If you love sports and adventures on the water, the region of Graz is the perfect destination for you:

  • Go sailing or learn how to sail at the sailing schools of Lake Schwarzlsee, in Piberstein or at Packer reservoir.
  • At Lake Schwarzlsee, you can find rental equipment, obstacles and lifts for water skiing and wakeboarding.
  • The diving school with offices at Lake Schwarzlsee and Pibersteinsee / Maria Lankowitz offers lessons and rental equipment for divers.
  • Experiencing the water from a stand-up paddle board is a unique adventure. If you don’t own a board, you can rent one at Lake Schwarzlsee, Copacabana, Hirzmann reservoir or Well Welt Kumberg. For lessons consult Subexperience in Graz.
  • Kayakers and canoeists love Hirzmann reservoir just as much as stand-up paddle boarders do. You can also rent equipment for these two water sports and book lessons there.
  • To go fishing in Styria, you need a fishing license, a rod, fishing bait and a bit of patience. The perfect spots to cast your line are Lake Schwarzlsee, Packer reservoir, Hirzmann reservoir and Langmannsperre reservoir.


Dive Center Copacabana | © Michaela Pfleger | Mias Photoart
SUP at Hirzmannsperre | © TV Erlebnisregion Graz | Mias Photoart
Fishing at Packer Stausee | © TV Region Graz | Tom Lamm


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