Therme NOVA | © Dieter Sajovic 06769001020 | Die Abbilderei Therme NOVA | © Dieter Sajovic 06769001020 | Die Abbilderei
Wellness-Highlights at the thermal spa NOVA

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One thing’s for sure: In our hectic lives, relaxation and recreation are vital for a healthy body and mind

Relax, unwind and take a break from everyday life – with the health, spa and forest bathing offers of Graz Region!

„You must offer something good to the body so that the soul wants to live in it.“
Winston Churchill

 Wellness-Highlights at the thermal-spa NOVA

Kick back and relax

The only spa at Graz Region enchants with its location in the gently rolling landscape of the world famous Lipizzaner homeland, very close to the Lipizzaner stud farm Piber. The health and well-being experts of Therme NOVA spa invite you to spend a relaxing getaway at a place that makes your soul smile.

The thermal-spa with 6 thermal pools, more than 1.000 m² of water area especially soothing for stress and rheumatism as well as for neurological, gynaecological and cardiovascular diseases.

The NOVA indoor-sports pool have a pool length of 25 m and the water temprature is about 28 °C. Four lanes are a great trainig for all your muscles. You can also join our fantastic swimming lessons (also for children).  

What else can you find in the thermal spa NOVA? There is nearly everything. You can enjoy your marvelous life in different sauna areas with tropic plants, a blue grotto, a sunlight tower, a waterfall with pebble cove where you can also take a bath.

The children will have a lot of fun at the special children area. There is a thermal pool (30 cm water depth), a water slide, an amazing mirror wall and a kinf of fairy tale tower for babies and children.

The different restaurants in the thermal spa NOVA offers you an excellent traditional  cuisine. You'll fall in love with the styrian food.

Do you want more? Enjoy an extended stay at the thermal spa NOVA and find out about their convalescent care offers!

Therme NOVA | © Die Abbilderei Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei
Therme NOVA | Die Abbilderei
Therme NOVA | © Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei
Yoga  | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart

Forest bathing in the woods of region graz

Forests, meadows and water are good for you. And that’s not just an advertising claim of tourism experts, health resort managers or naturopaths. The healing effects of nature are proven by numerous studies.

In Japan, a pioneer of forest medicine, forest bathing has even become a part of the national health scheme. In Austria, healing forest walks are becoming more and more popular as well.

Forest bathing

Spring trails of St. Radegund 
meditative hiking, Kneipping and playing along historic paths 

sebastian RELOADED®
The most beautiful adventure way to more well-being in the spirit of Sebastian Kneipp in the climatic health resort of Laßnitzhöhe!

Semriach and Peggau
Take a deep breath and enjoy the pure air at Lurgrotte cave! Austria’s most beautiful and most stalactite-rich show cave.

romantic mountain lakes
Experience nature from up close at romantic mountain lakes Hirzmann reservoir or Packer reservoir.  

Talking about mountain lakes: If you love water, the region of Graz is the perfect destination for you. The fascination of water can be felt all around the region’s many lakes, streams and rivers.



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