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Surprises for culture lovers

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Whether it’s in the Styrian capital or its surroundings: Graz Region is packed with highlights for culture lovers.

„Joy is in everything; you have to know how to extract it.”“

This famous quote by Confucius also applies to Graz Region. The best thing about it: In Graz, you don’t have to go looking for joyful discoveries, they are all around you – like the region’s many cultural highlights and fascinating excursion destinations. In Graz Region, a simple stroll quickly turns into an exciting journey of discovery.

Highlights for culture lovers in the city of Graz

Graz, a hotbed of culture

Culture and the city: In the capital of Styria, culture is all around you. This has been true not just since 2003, when Graz was celebrated as a European Capital of Culture – although this exceptional experience has certainly left its cultural traces.

Culture in Graz involves historic and contemporary sights, innovative theatre performances and concerts, festivals and an opera house of international renown. What’s more, it involves hospitality and culinary highlights – and a unique atmosphere that makes Austria’s second biggest city so special and popular.  

Mausoleum Graz | © Graz Tourism | Tom Lamm

And there’s more!

A stroll through the capital city of Styria takes you past many more fascinating sights.

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City, countryside & culture

Cultural highlights in the surrounding region

City, countryside & culture: an unrivalled combination! In addition to the Styrian capital, the surrounding region is also full of cultural highlights. The good news: It only takes a couple of minutes to get from Graz to the surrounding region with its outstanding cultural attractions.

La Strada | © Graz Tourism | Harry Schiffer
Gauklerfest Frohnleiten | © Region Graz | Harry Schiffer
Almabtrieb Lipizzanergestüt Piber | © SRS-Sabrina Mallick
Almabtrieb Lipizzanergestüt Piber | © SHS Lipizzanergestüt Piber GöR | Sabrina Mallick

Variety in all directions


Cistercian monastery

Mecca of excursions

The north of graz region

Here Frohnleiten, located directly on the Mur River, delights with an extraordinary skyline and excellent gastronomy. A visit to the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing is also worth a visit; visitors can take a walk and get an overview of historic rural buildings and handicraft traditions from all over Austria.

The world's oldest surviving Cistercian monastery, Rein, is located nearby, where those interested in culture can "take a look behind the monastery walls". Graz's local mountain, the Schöckl, is also a popular excursion and hiking destination. You can get there by cable car from St. Radegund, on foot or - for the very sporty - by bike.

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Here rises the sun

in the east of graz region

Laßnitzhöhe - the specialists for health, beauty and well-being.

Step by step through the solar system on the planetary path Eggersdorf. The Sebastian RELOADED® adventure hiking trail offers a true adventure in movement - the most beautiful path to greater well-being for the whole family.

The adventure is waiting ...

in the south of graz region

Adrenaline junkies take note! In the south, you're spoiled for choice - whether you want pure adrenaline at the Airbase One or you prefer to relax by the lake. Art and culture lovers should definitely visit the Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten. It is considered one of the 10 best sculpture parks in Europe and can be visited free of charge.

home of the lipizzaners

the west of graz region

In the west, you can follow in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Thal and visit the unique "white horses" at the Lipizzaner stud farm in Piber. Here they grow up before the best of them move to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.  Not far from Piber, the Barbara thermal spring bubbles up and invites you to feel good, enjoy and relax at the NOVA thermal spa in Köflach. The St. Barbara Church in Bärnbach, which was designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is worth a visit.

For those who prefer hiking, the west of the Graz Region offers many family-friendly hiking tours and summit victories, alpine hut hikes, pilgrimage trails, reservoir experiences and the Steirarodl, an adventurous summer toboggan run.

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