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Take a break and enjoy

Alpine pastures and mountain huts in the region of Graz

Graz Regions offers excellent opportunities for hiking. As we all know, the journey is the reward. And thanks to the many inviting spots for breaks, this journey is utterly pleasurable in Styria.

The region’s alpine pastures and mountain huts are definitely worth a visit. Because roast pork from the wood oven and home-made desserts make hiking even more delightful, wouldn’t you agree?

Hike from hut to hut

surrounded by blooming alpine flowers

In late spring, you can spot alpine roses and gentians in full bloom during your hike. Did you know that gentians are considered to have medicinal effects? Maybe that’s why they are served as gentian schnapps at many mountain huts throughout the region.  

Stubalm - Altes Almhaus, Brendlalm - Gleinalm, :

Stop by at the “holiday resort” of the Lipizzan horses

The recreation areas of the young Lipizzan studs and mares are truly special places – and not just for the animals.

When tasting local delicacies there or spending a night at a mountain hut you will quickly come to realise what “alpine tranquillity” means.

Alpine hut fun

Mountain hut hikes in Styria

The good news: There is a vast choice of alpine pastures and mountain huts in Graz Region. Consequently, you will have the chance to stop by at a mountain hut, traditional inn or rustic wine tavern during almost every hike.

Our tip: Depending on your stamina and motivation, you can join hut-to-hut hikes to three or up to seven mountain huts in the Steirische Rucksackdörfer region. Rest assured that there will be delicious food and cosy accommodation during these tours! 

Das schönste am Wandern ist die Rast


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