Schöckl mountain | © Graz Region | Harry Schiffer Schöckl mountain | © Graz Region | Harry Schiffer
    Pure variety 365 days a year!

    Active nature enjoyment

    What’s on the menu all year round in Graz Region? Variety! Whether you visit in summer or winter, spring or autumn: Styria has something to offer at any time of the year.

    Whether hiking, cycling or cooling off in one of the numerous lakes, ponds and baths: there is plenty to do in the Graz Adventure Region! How about climbing, running, bowling, paragliding, golfing, riding, treasure hunting, yoga, mini golf or archery for a change? There is a lot on the list of varied pastimes - but not boredom! 

    A diverse range of sports for all season

    Active in the experience Region of graz

    In spring, not only nature awakens, but also the zest for action and the desire for outdoor exercise. High time to get the bike out of hibernation

    During the warmer months of the year, guests and locals alike flock outdoors. And that’s not surprising. After all, the mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine make it even more pleasant to actively explore Graz Region!

    Nature presents itself in beautiful colours and invites you to go hiking or cycling in the proverbial golden autumn.

    Snow and ice are no reason to hide behind a warm stove. It's too beautiful outside when the flakes dance from the sky and the world lies enchanted in white!

    „Life consists in the movement“

    Biking, hiking, playing golf... everything is possible


    Outdoor enthusiasts really get their money's worth in the Graz Adventure Region. This is guaranteed by leisure facilities, sports facilities and countless hiking and cycling routes amidst lush greenery, but also lush meadows and forests, mountains and valleys.