Steirarodl | © Region Graz | Mias Photoart Steirarodl | © Region Graz | Mias Photoart
Summer: time for exercise in nature

Summer in Graz Region

Hiking, cycling or taking a dip in one of the many lakes, ponds and public pools: There is so much to see and do during summer in Graz Region! For instance, how about climbing, running, bowling, paragliding, golfing, horseback riding, treasure hunting, yoga, miniature golf or archery?

One thing’s for sure: The list of leisure activities in and around Graz is long and varied!

Climb the action mountains!

Summer is the perfect time to head into the mountains – for instance into the mountains surrounding Graz! 1,445-metre Schöckl is the capital city’s landmark mountain. It’s a real “fitness mountain”, even if you don’t tackle it with your mountain bike or on foot but hop on the Schöckl cable car instead. After all, there are numerous sports and leisure activities waiting for you at the top, including an obstacle course, a summer toboggan run, a disc golf course, geocaching, orienteering, paragliding and hang-gliding.

The Salzstiegl area also offers plenty of action, with offers ranging from downhill scooters to archery, a bungee trampoline, a climbing wall, a slide and a trial park. During the colder months of the year, the ski and sledging area is a great choice for all kinds of winter sports.

Schöckl mountain | © Region Graz | Tom Lamm
Biking at Plesch | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart
Activity program | © TV Region Graz | Dietmar Kump


For some, it’s only a four-star holiday if there’s a “garden” with 18 holes. Fortunately, golf lovers can find plenty of well-kept greens in Graz Region.

For instance, at Murhof near Frohleiten, one of Austria’s oldest and most beautiful golf courses. Avid golfers can also tee off in the city of Graz and its immediate surroundings, for instance in Andritz, Gössendorf or Thal. Erzherzog Johann Maria Lankowitz golf course boasts well-kept fairways surrounded by stunning nature. 

Miniature golf

It might not be quite as challenging as “real” golf, but it’s great fun all the same: Try miniature golf in Graz Region! Numerous miniature golf courses in and around Graz offer great opportunities for fun days with the family.

Indoor minigolf | © Die Abbilderei Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei
Mini golf | © Die Abbilderei Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei
Indoor minigolf | © Die Abbilderei Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei

Archery and shooting

Archery is a great way to bust stress, train your muscles and improve your concentration. What’s more, it has positive effects on your inner balance. And, most importantly, it’s a fun activity for all ages – try it!

Archery course | © TV Region Graz | Dietmar Kump
Shooting centre | © All rights reserved | florianrogner photography
Archery course | © Styrian Archers | Bursch
Horses | © TV Region Graz | Mias Photoart

Horseback riding

As they say, the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse. For passionate equestrians there’s nothing better than a ride through unspoilt nature, a fine dressage performance or a visit to the jumping course with their four-legged friend. Numerous riding stables around Graz offer fascinating highlights, fun and action for horse lovers.



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