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    Relaxation, recreation and well being

    physikal rehabilitation & conalescent care

    In line with this principle, the convalescent care and health offers of Graz Region help you to find relaxation, recreation and well-being. For instance, how about an invigorating getaway to one of the following power places? Famous water doctor and herbalist prist Sebastian Kneipp already knew it:

    „You can not buy health – you have to maintain it with a healthy way of living.“
    Sebastian Kneipp

    Climatic spa

    Laßnitzhöhe  climatic spa 

    They say that the lungs are the wings of the heart. That’s why it’s a good idea to regularly supply them with fresh, pure air. At the climatic spa of Laßnitzhöhe, only 15 kilometres from the city of Graz, you can pamper your lungs and soul at the same time – for instance on the sebastian RELOADED® adventure trail. 

    The local expert for neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, plastic surgery and nutrition and metabolism take excellent care of you at:

    •    Laßnitzhöhe private clinic
    •    Schwarzl clinic – the beauty experts
    •    Institut for nutrition & metabolic diseases

    Recreation centre

    St. Radegund

    Even the Austrian emperor knew that the north of Graz is an excellent place for recharging your batteries. St. Radegund already was a popular recreation centre during the monarchy. The mild climate there has beneficial effects on cardiovascular conditions, respiratory symptoms and allergies. Apart from that, it soothes your soul. 

    Your on site experts: St. Radegund private clinic for psychiatric and psychosomatic rehabilitation in case of burn-out, depression and other conditions.

    Our tip: Enjoy meditative hiking and Kneipping along the St. Radegund spring trails and discover invigorating power places along the way! 

    Rehabilitation centre


    Frohnleiten has always been an important health resort. Back in the days, the cold-water cure establishment turned Frohnleiten into a popular spa town. Today, the town is known far beyond national borders for its state-of-the-art orthopaedic rehabilitation centre.

    your contact on site:

    •    Theresienhof
    •    Therapiezentrum

    Health resort

    Therme NOVA

    The only spa of Graz Region is nestled amid gentle hills just around the corner from Piber stud farm

    A stay at Therme NOVA spa is a relaxing getaway from everyday life – especially if you stay for a longer period of time. For instance, the three-week convalescent care stays are a soothing experience for your body and soul.

    Following the principles of “lifestyle modification”, guests learn about healthy exercise, balanced diet and positive attitude during their stay to achieve long-term improvements. The spa specialises in in-patient convalescent care for the musculoskeletal system.



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