wild goat: guided tour and tasting

St. Ruprecht an der Raab

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Discover the fairytale animal world around the seal tower. Christian and Bettina Lammer run the farm with great passion. A farm shop and a cheese dairy invite you to experience the Lammer family's joy with the products and the animals. Delicious goat's milk products are waiting to be tasted. Their motto is: "First taste - then complain" and this is how the goat's milk products are lovingly made by hand. During a guided tour of the farm, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the animals.

  • included services: Guided tour and tasting
  • duration: about 90 minutes
  • Time: anytime by appointment
  • Meeting point: Wild goat

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The guided tour and tasting is free with the GenussCard! All info on the GenussCard at www.genusscard.at   

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A guided tour and tasting is possible at any time by appointment.

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The Lammer family has a passion for goats and this is reflected in their farm. "Wild Goas" - goat milk products, goat and dog breeding.

Christian and Bettina Lammer have been running the farm since 2015. The enthusiasm was great right from the start and so a farm shop and cheese dairy were soon opened to share their joy with the products and the animals. The goat's milk products are available at farmers' markets, in farm shops and directly from the Lammer family at home. Her motto is: "First taste - then complain".

Date and time

  • 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2030
  • Daily - Starting at o'clock

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