50 m steel rope bridge crossing the "Höll" gorge | © Tourismusverband Schladming - Herbert Raffalt 50 m steel rope bridge crossing the "Höll" gorge | © Tourismusverband Schladming - Herbert Raffalt

Theme trail Wild Waters

From Schladming to deep into the Untertal area of Rohrmoos, up to an elevation of 2600 m above sea level – this is the path taken by one of the world’s most extraordinary hiking trails: the theme trail Wild Waters.

14.5 kilometers of “Wild Waters” illustrate our most precious natural resource in all its facets – from quietly glistening and crystal-clear, to thunderously frothing and foaming, in freefall over the rocks of the Schladminger Tauern. A unique nature experience, for which it earned international recognition in 2009 as the very first National Geographic Hiking Path.



gorge trail, meadow path, alpine pastures, short sections on roads, forest and alpine trails


Restaurants/Alpine huts

  • Talbachschenke
  • Landalm & Hotel Landauerhof
  • Gasthaus Tetter
  • Waldhäuslalm
  • Sondlalm
  • Gasthaus Weiße Wand
  • Almgasthaus Riesachfall
  • Gfölleralm
  • Kaltenbachalm



  • Talbachklamm gorge
  • Toteisboden nature reserve
  • Tetter moor
  • 50 meters-long cable footbridge
  • Lake Riesachsee


Level of fitness

Best season


The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
16,5 km
5:05 h
656 hm
335 hm
1370 m
Highest point
756 m
Lowest point

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The theme trail Wild Waters starts with the Talbachklamm gorge in Schladming. The best option for parking is the parking garage at the Planai gondola (Planai stadion). From there you follow the trail signs towards Talbachklamm (passing by the white, Protestant church).

To reach the parking garage at Planai gondola you take exit "Schladming-Ost" from highway B320 at the congress center and follow the signage to the Planai gondola.

You begin this all-day Wild Waters hike in Schladming at the Kraiter car park, with your constant companion the fast, untamed torrents of the Talbach. Things become a little gentler after the village of Untertal, as you pass the fire station and take a path across gentle meadows to Janerbrücke. After 200 m along the road you turn off right before Hinkerbrücke bridge and soon after you will reach the Toteisboden, with its natural irrigation and ventilation system dating back to the Ice Age, providing perfect conditions for this unique world of plants. Crossing lush alpine pastures, you will arrive, at Tettermoor, an area of breathtaking beauty and tranquility, where the Talbach meanders slowly and quietly through the moor. The next section leads you across gentle meadows and through forest alongside the crystal-clear Untertalbach – with friendly inns and alpine huts inviting you to take the occasional refreshment break.

From Seeleiten car park, some very exciting stages of the Wild Waters experience begin – along the Riesach Falls forest trail and the alpine trail "Höll" you will be able to experience the pure power of water. Magnificent Riesach Waterfalls drops a total of 140 metres in two tiers to the valley below – with viewing platforms that put this, the highest waterfall in Styria, practically within arm’s reach. A little later, you can step out onto a 50 meters-long cable footbridge, gazing from a dizzying height down on the Wildbach as it flows through Höllschlucht canyon. Afterwards, you will make your way safely via countless steps Höllschlucht canyon until you reach the Gfölleralm, then a few minutes later, the picturesque shores of the lake Riesach. On the left shore, the Kaltenbachalm invites you to take a well-earned break. For your return to the Seeleiten car park, we recommend the pleasant forest lane.

Please note: The Alpinsteig is NOT suitable for dogs - tip: bypassing on the forest road to Riesachsee

This enjoyable 14.5 km hike next to the water does your heart and soul good. It is a precious rarity in the entire alpine region and, if you are in good condition, it is a perfect all-day tour. Return on the hiking bus.

The trail runs along the Untertal valley following the creek's way out of the valley. The Planai-Hochwurzen buses run between Schladming and the Seeleiten parking area at the valley head. There are several bus stops in between so you can also just take some stages of the entire trail.

Information about bus time tables at www.planaibus.at

Parking is available at Kraiter car park (parking fee) and in the parking garage at Planai gondola.

General tourism information: www.schladming.com

Info about buses: www.planaibus.at

The theme trail Wild Waters is a tour with checkpoints of the IVV.


360° drone images

Get yourself an overview with our 360° drone images:

View of the lower part of Talbachklamm gorge: https://vonoben.schladming-dachstein.at/sommer/index.php?S=58

View over Riesachsee Lake: https://vonoben.schladming-dachstein.at/sommer/index.php?S=318


What the weather will be like

Schladming (740m)

11 km/h
14 km/h
12 km/h
Dull throughout the day with light snowfall every once in a while.
12 km/h
13 km/h
9 km/h
Thick clouds and widespread snowfall throughout the whole day.
-5°C 2°C
-2°C 3°C
-3°C 3°C

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