View from Pichl Trail towards Pichl and Hochwurzen | © Gerhard Pilz - View from Pichl Trail towards Pichl and Hochwurzen | © Gerhard Pilz -

Pichl Trail

An easy walk through the small villages of Pichl near Schladming, the tour connects the villages of Gleiming, Warterdorf, Grubdörfl and Pichl.
This walk connects the small villages of Pichl without covering a lot of ascents and descents. Starting from Gleiming (in winter the Western entrance to Schladming's 4 mountain ski area with its cable-car "Silver Jet") - the tour runs along the Enns river to the Western end of Schladming's "Obere Klaus". From there it runs through the villages of Pichl, Grubdorf, and Warterdorf, back to Gleiming.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
12,0 km
3:30 h
466 hm
466 hm
900 m
Highest point
752 m
Lowest point

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Exit from highway B320 (Ennstalbundesstraße) in Gleiming (approx. 7 km West of Schladming) and follow the signs to Hotel-Gasthof Brunner. Next to the valley station of the gondola (operates in winter only) there is plenty of parking. 300 m West of the gondola there is the starting point of the tour at Hotel-Gasthof Brunner.
From Gasthof Brunner the tour starts towards South-East into the direction of Gleiming-Berg. After approximately 250 m you make a left onto a dirt road and head towards Pichl. Passing by the Zechmann farm you reach a hairpin bend of the Reiteralmstraße road on which you descend and pass by Heißhof and Weitgasserhof farms until you reach Café Hermann. At the café you turn right onto Ennsweg (path n° 13) which is synonymous with Schladming's "Tauernblickrunde" (also a permanent IVV hiking trail). You walk along meadows and the river Enns. At the 1st bridge you cross over the river and take the underpass below the federal highway. You make an immediate right and at the building yard "Bliem" you make a left and ascend to Hochstraße. At the following intersection you make a left and continue past the Nößlauerhof farm. At the 1st hairpin after the farm you make a right onto a farm track and cross the Grießbach creek on the other side of the meadow. Yet you reach another road which you follow to the left for just some steps and then turn right at Wachlbacherhof farm and cross over the meadow to the small forest. Along the edge of the forest you hike down and then follow the Vorbergstraße road, passing by the former municipal building of Pichl-Preunegg. After about 250 m you make a left (after passing some houses on the left) and take path n° 11, a nice and quite dirt road that runs along the edge of the forest and crosses over the meadow above the hotel Pichlmayrgut. You reach another road - leading to Grubdörfl - on which you make a right and pass by Untergruberhof and reach the small village of Grubdörfl. Here you make a left and walk on to Warterdorf where you make another left and continue to Audorf from where you get back to Gleiming passing through the underpass of the federal highway.

Along the way there are several cafés and restaurants:

  • Hotel-Gasthof Brunner
  • Hotel Pichlmayrgut
  • Gasthof Rainerbauer
  • Café Hermann
Gleiming can be reached via bus line n° 900 (Postbus) from Schladming.

Next to the valley station of the gondola (operates in winter only) there is plenty of parking.

General tourism information:

Info about buses to Gleiming:

Pichl trail is a tour with checkpoints of the IVV.


What the weather will be like

Schladming (740m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Morning clouds will clear gradually. Then frequent sunny periods.
15°C 26°C
14°C 29°C
15°C 26°C

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