Hängebrücke in der Altenbachklamm | © TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße/Ulrike Elsneg Hängebrücke in der Altenbachklamm | © TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße/Ulrike Elsneg

Altenbachklamm (gorge walk)

The Altenbachklamm gorge starts at the Buschenschank Stelzl tavern (also known as Altenbacher); it passes through wonderful natural scenery offering an insight into some very diverse gorge vegetation.
You can access the Altenbachklamm gorge by the Buschenschank Stelzl (Altenbacher) wine tavern. The forest trail is pleasant to start with, but you will soon reach the first bridge where the trail begins to climb steadily. The gorge hike passes via numerous little bridges, steps, ladders and even takes in an impressive suspension bridge. The combination of unspoiled natural scenery, adventure and exercise make a hike through the Altenbachklamm gorge an unforgettable experience. As is so often the case, your exertions on the climb will be richly rewarded! Gaze out at the breathtaking views of the Wine Country before you, and, as is typical in the South Styrian Wine Route region, enjoy a delicious, hearty snack platter and a well-earned glass of wine at the Panoramaschenke Tertinek restaurant, commonly known as Mukonig. The leisurely return leg takes you along a very quiet road, but you will still be treated to idyllic views.


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
5,1 km
2:30 h
355 hm
337 hm
718 m
Highest point
388 m
Lowest point

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More detailed information about getting to the South Styrian Wine Road can be found on our website: https://www.suedsteirischeweinstrasse.com/de/Interaktive-Karte/Anreise
Forest and meadow trail, gorge trail

The starting point of the round hike is the Buschenschank Stelzl wine tavern, commonly known as the Altenbacher. From here, you can get straight onto the gorge trail. In total, you will tackle an elevation of nearly 400 m as you traverse the 2.3 km long route to the gorge exit at the Panoramaschenke Tertinek restaurant, also known as the Mukonig. You will gradually climb steadily via cleverly positioned steps and ladders. The first exit appears after the 13th bridge (approx. 1.1 km after the access point), and takes you back to the Buschenschank Stelzl tavern (Altenbacher).

A special highlight – and not just for the kids – is the 30 m suspension bridge allowing you to cross at a height of 6 m. At the end is a gorge hut, which has running water and a toilet. If you choose to continue your hike, there is another chance to exit the gorge about 1.7 km after you joined the trail. Those who wish to continue to the top can keep following the trail towards Klammsteig. You will need sturdy footwear at this point in order not to lose your footing on the steep and sometimes narrow climbing aids.The climb on the final section of the Altenbachklamm is a little strenuous, but definitely worth it! Once at the top you will be rewarded with a wonderful view; the Panoramaschenke Tertinek restaurant (Mukonig) is also situated here. Plus, the panoramic views (on a clear day, you can see as far as Hochschwab) go down as well as a glass of must! The round trail then descends along a very quiet road back to your starting point.

Enjoy the panoramic view!
ÖBB www.oebb.at or Verbundlinie Steiermark www.busbahnbim.at

The "Weinmobil" taxi system takes you anywhere in the South Styrian Wine Road area, from and to any destination you may wish (whether a restaurant, wine tavern or lodging). - Info: www.weinmobil.at

Buschenschank (wine tavern) Stelzl (Altenbacher)
Tourist office "Die Südsteirische Weinstraße", +43 3454 7070, www.suedsteirischeweinstrasse.at


What the weather will be like

Oberhaag (321m)

4 km/h
11 km/h
6 km/h
Some clouds in the morning, lateron much sunshine and hardly any clouds
9 km/h
8 km/h
5 km/h
Mostly cloudy through the day with a chance of occasional sunny spells.
-7°C 6°C
-4°C 6°C
-4°C 3°C

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