| © Christine Höflehner

The Gallic ski village

Gröbminger Land

A ski pleasure of the Gallic kind for big and small in the Gallic ski village. The Gallic ski village is completely skiable - on flat terrain, so that even beginners can conquer it playfully. The region's exciting children's land is waiting for you: 

  • wild boar hunting in Little Gallier Park 
  • an 85m long magic carpet 
  • speaking Gallic figures, Gallic wooden huts and huge snow figures 
  • a Gallic snow groomer with original snow groomer noises 
  • Deer, rabbits and many other forest dwellers can be found at the Galsterbergalmlift 
  • best insight into the children's land from the terrace Bottinghaus 
  • a Roman growth!


Pruggererberg 206

8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern