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Bad Blumau

The spa park is a huge quiet zone that connects the spa with the town centre. Away from the streets, the park - with the Safenbach stream as an ecological lifeline - invites you to take a leisurely stroll. Native woody plants, cider apples and cider pear trees were planted here, as well as vine trellises, wild shrub areas with rape and sunflowers. The design resembles a natural floodplain landscape in large parts.

A powerful place

But Bad Blumau has a lot to offer. The natural Lafnitz meadows, a picturesque stork meadow and, above all, the 13-hectare spa park with its willow tree and the Safenbach stream as a flowing lifeline. An idyllic pond with stone walls lends the park a partly Mediterranean flair and invites you to take an enjoyable stroll in peaceful nature.

Willow building in the Bad Blumau thermal park

Located in the middle of the thermal park, this place of tranquillity invites you to dream. Surrounded by a biotope, natural meadows, pumpkin fields and smaller willow buildings, you can unwind here and enjoy the beauty of nature. The natural structure captivates with its unique flair, caused by the successful mixture of human structuring and natural growth of the willow.

The large inner dome with a diameter of 22 metres and a height of eight metres is framed by many small willow domes. It was realised by young people with the help of the internationally renowned architect for willow construction Marcel Kalberer. Relax in the shade of the domes. Feel the harmony of an imposing building with nature.

Water Goddess by André Heller

Visible from afar, it is an experience at any time of day or night. A gift from the artist André Heller in honour of his late friend and fellow artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser for his ecological commitment is a plant sculpture with a mouth from which water flows. It is located at the visitor car park of the Rogner Bad Blumau.


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Bad Blumau (269m)

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Early clouds will clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
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