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Small towns - big moments

Small historic towns

Go on a journey of discovery in the small historic towns throughout Austria. You will also find two of these gems in the Thermen- & Vulkanland. Bad Radkersburg with its historic old town and Fürstenfeld with the fortress trail invite you to discover them.

Enjoy the variety of cultural offerings, impressive sights, wonderful natural landscapes, attractive events and culinary delights.

Bad Radkersburg

The small historical town of Bad Radkersburg was first mentioned in documents in 1182. Above all, crafts have always played a major role in the town on the Mur. The town hall tower on the main square, the historic old town of Bad Radkersburg, is considered the landmark of the city. 
The main square in Bad Radkersburg is also considered the center of the historic old town. It is surrounded by two- to three-story houses, which were formerly noble houses and is considered the starting point to the numerous worth seeing alleys and squares of Bad Radkersburg.

The medieval city walls and magnificent buildings give the small historical town its southern character.
In the museums and churches of the Bad Radkersburg region you can immerse yourself even more in the culture and history of Bad Radkersburg.


Fürstenfeld was a contested border town for decades. The settlement of the region dates back to prehistoric times. The first documented mention of Fürstenfeld was in 1183. In the 16th century the construction of the fortress was started by the Italian master builder Domenico dell'Allio. Large parts of the town wall are still preserved today.
The Provincial Castle was built around 1170, in 1776 the town acquired the building and converted it into a tobacco factory. The "factory" was the largest and most important employer in the region until the 1950s. However, 2005 was the last year for cigar production in Fürstenfeld.

The construction of the Fürstenfeld open-air swimming pool and the thermal baths in the immediate vicinity of the town were responsible for the tourism boom in the region. In the course of time, the poor border town developed into a wonderful thermal capital, where shopping, strolling, vacationing, working and above all living is great fun.