Freibad Fürstenfeld, Sommer, Wasser, Naturfreibad | © Tourismusverband Thermen- Vulkanland,  Jean Van Luelik Photographer Freibad Fürstenfeld, Sommer, Wasser, Naturfreibad | © Tourismusverband Thermen- Vulkanland,  Jean Van Luelik Photographer
Thermen- & Vulkanland


The thermal capital Fürstenfeld is located in the heart of the thermal & volcanic country Styria and presents itself as a modern and at the same time historical adventure city with the largest outdoor pool in Europe.

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8280 Fürstenfeld
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Stadtgemeinde Fürstenfeld

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8280 Fürstenfeld
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There are cities and places that cannot be compared with any others. They have something that the others do not have. Like Fürstenfeld, which went from being an (almost) unknown spot on the map to a much-sung-about town throughout the German-speaking world thanks to a hit song by STS. This "I wül ham noch Fürstenfeld" conveys a longing for home, for home - for a town that has much more to offer than "just" a song - and is always worth a visit!

Fürstenfeld invites you to look, marvel, linger and indulge yourself. The regional culinary delights provide palate pleasers, the many coffee houses and bars offer the opportunity to get to know Styrian hospitality and the always good-humored "locals". At the same time, Fürstenfeld is a modern shopping town with a great mix of branches and the fashion capital of southeastern Styria in the midst of a historic old town worth seeing, which not only wants to be explored on the Fortress Trail or in the Pfeilburg Museum. 

Water plays a central role in Fürstenfeld, as the fountains scattered throughout the town show. Or the largest outdoor pool in Europe with a gigantic 23,000 m2 of water surface, which guarantees the greatest swimming fun. Enjoyable bike paths in the region, which lead past hotspots such as Riegersburg Castle, invite you to be active. And if you want to round off the day perfectly, visit one of the many Buschenschenke in and around the city, where a hearty snack and fruity white wines already whet your appetite for further vacation delights.


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Fürstenfeld (277m)

5 km/h
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5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
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5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
16°C 33°C
18°C 33°C
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Südosten Region Österreich | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark

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