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Wine Tavern -Buschenschank

Holidaymakers in the Thermen- & Vulkanland simply mustn’t miss a visit to a traditional “Buschenschank”. Where better to immerse yourself in regional cuisine than a local wine tavern with vineyards and viewing terraces, feasting on a “Brettljause” (cold cuts platter), scarlet runner bean salad and Styrian wines.

Typical Styrian - Brettljause and beetle beans | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger

what is a Buschenschank?

A "Josephine patent" from the year 1784 was the foundation stone for one of the biggest image carriers of the Styrian wine country: the Buschenschank! At that time, Josef II allowed winegrowers to serve their product for a fee.

The Styrian Buschenschank Law prescribes to the winegrowers exactly which types of food and beverages they are allowed to serve to their guests. For example, the offering of warm dishes is generally prohibited. The serving of soft drinks, beer and coffee is also prohibited. In principle, only that which is produced on the farm is to be consumed at the Buschenschank. The type and quantity of additional purchases are precisely regulated.

BS Schuster-Tegel
  • Klöch

Weingut - Buschenschank Schuster-Tegel

Enjoy our award-winning quality wines on our sun terrace in the middle of the vineyards
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Terrasse der Bergschenke Paul | © Peter Weber
  • Gnas

Bergschenke Familie Paul

Our tavern is a popular place for excursions near the golf course Bad Gleichenberg. Let us spoil you with culinary...
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Familie | © Buschenschank Seidl Poidl
  • Bad Gleichenberg

Buschenschank & Wein Seidl Poidl

Very close to the Parapluie and the historic spa town of Bad Gleichenberg is the traditional Buschenschank Seidl Poidl.
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Thermenschenke Steiner | © Tourismusverband Bad Blumau
  • Bad Blumau

Thermenschenke Steiner

Traditional dishes such as roast pork, ribs and potato sausage are prepared with love by the chef. Enjoy Styrian dishes...
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  • St. Stefan i. R.

Bergschenke Heuriger Monschein

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Thermenschenke Laller_1 | © Thermenschenke Laller
  • Bad Radkersburg

Thermenschenke Laller

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Sujetbild Jause | © Region Bad Gleichenberg, Werner Krug
  • Kapfenstein

Buschenschank Schuster

In our Buschenschank hikers and cyclists are welcome!
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Herzlich willkommen | © Appartement Weingut Schoberhof
  • Bad Gleichenberg

Buschenschank Weingut Schoberhof

Buschenschank in Wilhelmsdorf in the municipality of Bad Gleichenberg! Enjoy the Jausn with a magnificent view of the...
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Weinhof-Buschenschank Tauchmann | © Weinhof Tauchmann
  • Söchau

Buschenschank Weinhof Tauchmann

Exquisite wine variety and hearty snack in a cozy atmosphere. A special tip!
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Zum Kellerstöckl Fam. Knoller | © TVB Region Bad Radkersburg F. Knoller
  • Klöch

Zum Kellerstöckl Knoller

Our Kellerstöckl in the middle of the Klöcher volcanic vineyard
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Thermenstadl Heuriger | © Thermenstadl Heuriger
  • Bad Loipersdorf

Thermenstadl Heuriger

Welcome to the ThermenstadlOur Heuriger is located about 1 km from the thermal spa Loipersdorf, which is now managed by...
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Skraban Platte | © Skraban Facebook
  • Bad Radkersburg

Buschenschank – Hofladen Fam. Skraban

In addition to the production of meat specialities and our farm, we also run a small viticulture.
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