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Weinhof & Buschenschank Krenn.49


We do what we love.

With this attitude, we make wine and are hosts. The cellar and kitchen are stages of this passion and reference rooms of this life. Let's enter them together.

We let our wines be. In all their naturalness.

In addition to great vibrancy, it is above all time that makes the difference in our wines. We are all about liveliness and joy. The organic way of farming has become a matter of course, Demeter a near goal. We are working on this with all our passion. In an area that is not exactly typical for viticulture, but which gives us all the more freedom when making wine.

"At Krenn, not everything stays the same. Only the people are the same."

We can see our vineyards from the house. Everything is so close together here. We work in the vineyard as a family. We all work together and do our best. Time to work and time to live. Everything comes together in the wine. A total of 4.5 hectares of craftsmanship. That may not be much, but for us it's a lot. It is the essence of life that we bottle, hand-picked and completely natural. Because less is more.

Our wine bistro

Traditionally unconventional and with a lot of heart.

What we do in our kitchen doesn't fit into any pigeonhole. But it doesn't have to. Because it would only unnecessarily restrict our passion for good food. We are not a pub, but we are not a restaurant either. We serve small, uncomplicated dishes that are shared with friends and epitomise a good time. They live from perfect ingredients, prepared by people who appreciate something special.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND FROM MAY ALSO ON THURSDAY Jonas creates the dishes and realises them together with Martina. Helga makes the fresh farmhouse bread, Barbara takes care of the desserts and focaccia. In a family like this, all hands work together to create the good and the special. It doesn't always have to be highly complex, but honest. Because it's the simple things that inspire us and touch the soul of our guests.

Let yourself go and just let the kitchen and service do their thing. You will be surprised how convincing and touching uncomplicated cuisine with a twist can be. OPENING HOURS WEINBISTRO 2024 Friday & Saturday / from May also on Thursday For exact opening times see: https://www.krenn49.at/kulinarik/

 And on Sundays? That's when Jonas cooks...


That's when Jonas cooks alone, without a kitchen team and just as he learnt to do in the top restaurants in Vienna. He may have consciously turned his back on this, but his passion for good food has remained. When he is not in our kitchen, he is a goat farmer and produces the best goat's cheese together with his wife (Gut&Gern, Eichkögl).

From March to April and in October, Jonas Melchinger cooks on Sundays. For a maximum of 20 people. A late lunch in several courses. A word that we don't really like because it is so reminiscent of classic menu sequences. But what Jonas does is so much more. It is culinary delights, unconventional, casual and always different. The ofyr grill in the garden is incorporated just as much as a dish to share or an aperitif in the vineyard. What is served depends on what nature and producers have in store. But whatever it is, it is sure to be the best we can offer.

Click here for the dates: https://www.krenn49.at/kulinarik/und-sonntags-da-kocht-jonas/


Josef jun. Krenn
Edelsbach 49
8332 Edelsbach bei Feldbach
Moile (0043) 664 914 64 01

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