Biking to the ship mill Mureck | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger Biking to the ship mill Mureck | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Water in all its reflections

Murradweg r2

From the Hohe Tauern National Park to the land of hot springs and wine in Southeast Styria, the Murradweg cycle trail is unrivalled in its variety. Historical towns, cultural treasures and culinary goodies: cycling along the River Mur offers an ever-shifting array of delights that allows cyclists to combine exercise with pleasure.

Like two old friends, the River Mur and its cyclists keep each company along the 365 km of Styria’s most diverse riverside bike path. You will learn where the source of the Mur is (in the Hohe Tauern National Park), and bid it farewell in the Thermenland & Vulkanland Steiermark, on the border with Slovenia. The final 100 km of the trail cross through Slovenia and Croatia.

Cycling experience along the rivers Mur and Drau

As the longest of Styria’s riverside cycling trails, the R2 Murradweg runs from the source of the Mur in Lungau to Bad Radkersburg, Styria’s southernmost point. From spring until autumn, the most scenically diverse cycling trail impresses travellers with its origins, its variety and its enjoyability. The tour runs through towns steeped in history, such as Murau, Leoben, Bruck an der Mur, Graz and Bad Radkersburg. Still haven’t had enough of the Murradweg? In Bad Radkersburg, you have the option to continue into Slovenia and Croatia. The ultimate destination is Legrad, where the Mur flows into the River Drau. Waiting for you in Bad Radkersburg is a wide range of excellently marked cycling routes to suit any level of fitness, as well as numerous bett+bike hosts.

The Murradweg at a glance

From St. Michael im Lungau to Bad Radkersburg in the south of the Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark.

Tour details


In total, the Murradweg runs 457 km through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The Murradweg is divided into eight stages:

  • Stage 01: Sticklerhütte to Muhr im Lungau 
  • Stage 02: Muhr im Lungau to Murau 
  • Stage 03: Murau to Judenburg 
  • Stage 04: Judenburg to Leoben 
  • Stage 05: Leoben to Graz 
  • Stage 06: Graz to Leibnitz 
  • Stage 07: Leibnitz to Bad Radkersburg
  • Stage 08: Bad Radkersburg to Legrad 
Shady cycling tours in the UNESCO Biosphere Park in the Mur floodplains | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
The river landscape of the Mur in Styria covers 13,000 hectares. The biosphere park is a great benefit for nature and man. | ©pixelmaker | Robert Sommerauer, Pixelmaker
© | Robert Sommerauer

In the UNESCO biosphere reserve

Die Region erkunden

The Murradweg runs into the Thermen- & Vulkanland via Leibnitz; this marks the final stage of the trail. Continue through the Natura 2000 protection area and the UNESCO biosphere park floodplains to Mureck. As we pedal on to Mureck, we pass another extraordinary piece of heritage: in Weitersfeld, one of Austria’s last remaining cable ferries transports passengers from Austria to Slovenia or vice versa. The ferry is particularly popular among cyclists holidaying in the cycling region of Bad Radkersburg, as there’s a cycle trail that runs on both sides of the Mur to Bad Radkersburg. But be warned: you mustn’t forget your passport on this tour!

Once in Mureck, one thing immediately catches our eye: Mureck, like Wildon, which we fondly remember, is a proper “street village”. Unlike a market town, the houses are built with their long side facing the street, rather than their gables. Mureck is also where our next unmissable sight is located: the remarkable Murecker Schiffsmühle (floating mill). It’s not hard to find, and it has delighted all Murradweg travellers passing this way for many a year. There is excellent signage to the floating mill and back onto the Murradweg.

Via Misselsdorf, you will now pass the “Klimaschutzgarten” (climate-friendly garden) and the “bumble-bee paradise” on your way to the Röcksee. It is well worth spending a bit of time here: take a dip in the lake before resuming your journey and enjoying the final leg in Austria. Pedalling through a wonderful riparian forest, with the occasional bend to surprise you, you now head towards the new Murturm. Standing 30 m tall, this huge steel observation tower looms above you. Its double helix structure represents DNA, the foundation of all life. After scaling the heights and admiring the view, it’s time to get back on the saddle and continue to Halbenrain through floodplains and fields shining with oil pumpkins and corn. Halbenrain is where you will find the enchanting “Käferbohnenkabinett” (a museum devoted to the scarlet runner bean). Did you know the Styrian runner bean could be used in sweet dishes? Lovingly established as “more-than-just-a-museum”, the “Cabinet” uses film footage and photos to illustrate how the bean develops over the seasons: from cultivation to processing to culinary uses.

From Halbenrain, we continue to Bad Radkersburg; there’s only a few more kilometres to go before we’re finally there. Now you can enjoy a well-earned coffee, ice cream, or whatever else takes your fancy. You might even like to rest your weary legs at the Parktherme. Or quench your thirst with a good glass of wine.