Hiking route Stage 35 From Glacier to Wine North Route Klöch - Bad Radkersburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Vino Cool/Harry Schiffer Hiking route Stage 35 From Glacier to Wine North Route Klöch - Bad Radkersburg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Vino Cool/Harry Schiffer

Stage 35 From Glacier to Wine North Route Klöch - Bad Radkersburg

On the way in the land of Traminer. A true feeling of happiness accompanies us on this stage of the hiking route "From glacier to wine", when we have already completed 34 daily stages and today we are tackling the pleasant last stage. It almost seems that the path itself wants to compensate us today for all the previous troubles and plagues and keep any effort away from us. The length of the path is also pleasant. By the way, our starting point, the wine village of Klöch, whose amenities we had already enjoyed the evening before, is one of the most important wine-growing villages in the Thermen- & Vulkanland of Styria. And our destination, Bad Radkersburg with its historic old town, is one of the most important thermal resorts in the Alpine region.

On the way we encounter many wayside crosses, often of unusual height. For a long time we walk along the border with Slovenia and are surprised how tiny a border river, the Kutschenitza (Slovenian Kučnica) can be. But after all, this stream forms the state border for about 20 km. On the way, the border houses before and above the bridge remind us of the border. From Goritz near Radkersburg, the route continues straight ahead in the direction of Bad Radkersburg. A short detour through the cemetery offers an insight into the history of this border town divided by the Saint-Germain peace treaty. The bilingual gravestone of the priest Mathias Nemec proves the close connection of the two, for a long time unfortunately hostile language groups.

In the historical old town of Bad Radkersburg with its narrow romantic alleys, arcaded courtyards and nice cafes, the walk along the northern route of the hiking trail "From Glacier to Wine" is finally over. If we have time, we can take advantage of the curative thermal water, which, thanks to its unique composition, loosens tense muscles, has a preventive effect on back and joint pain and sustainably promotes our mobility. Can it make us fit enough to complete the southern route "From Glacier to Wine"? For sure!



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12,4 km
3:30 h
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307 m
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208 m
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From Klöch, this stage of the hiking route "From Glacier to Wine" first heads east to the state border with Slovenia with the small border river Kutschenitza, which will be our constant companion for the next few kilometers. We hike here also again and again on the East Austrian Borderland Trail 07. After a little more than 8 km we branch off to the right to reach a dirt road leading to Goritz near Radkersburg.

Just before Goritz we reach a sign "Geh- und Radweg Stadtmitte", change our hiking direction to the left and walk into the center of Bad Radkersburg. Here we now say "Congratulations on walking the northern route!"

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Klöch (280m)

10 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
Showers will die away soon to leave a partly sunny day.
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
slightly cloudy
3°C 14°C
4°C 14°C
6°C 15°C
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