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Duisitzkarsee - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: www.ikarus.cc

Hiking hotels

At the end of each day's hiking, specialist hotels will welcome you with Styrian warm-heartedness.

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Ramsau am Dachstein - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: Himsl

Mountain biking regions

The most beautiful regions between Dachstein and Graz. A countryside of craggy peaks and gentle hills.

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Murradweg: bicycling in spring - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: www.ikarus.cc

Cycling for pleasure

Four regions invite you to visit. The cycling here is wonderful, but it is by no means all there is to offer.

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Golf club and traditional hat - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: Harry Schiffer


The best way to drive through life - golf clubs and golf hotels are waiting for you.

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© Steiermark Tourismus, Foto:ikarus.cc

Wellness & Health

Find your way to all-round well-being with apples, pumpkin, wine, etc.

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Therme Loipersdorf - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: ikarus.cc

Wellness-Beauty hotels

Real well-being professionals in selected hotels treat you from head to toe.

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© Steiermark Tourismus, Foto:ikarus.cc

Health hotels

Visionary concepts, healing springs, healthy eating and exercise provide the foundation of your holiday.

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A couple in a spa centre - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: ikarus.cc

Spa centres & thermal spas

Healing waters and tailored treatments bring mind, body and soul together again.

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Steirische Jause

Culinary Delights

Holidays - typically Styrian enjoyment. Warm-heartedly magicked onto your table!

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© Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: ikarus.cc

Culinary destinations

Discover the most famous culinary destinations in Styria.

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Stefan Eder (Wellnesshotel Eder - Oststeiermark) - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: ikarus.cc

Epicurian regions

Styria has long been known as Austria's delicatessen. And the things that taste so good are also good for your health.

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© Steiermark Tourismus, Foto:  ikarus.cc


Excellent Styrian dishes to cook. From pumpkin soup to Alm ox fillet, to apple strudel.

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The Regions

Where, why and where to next? The detailed map of Styria will tell you exactly!

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Treppe ins Nichts, Dachstein - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto: Gery Wolf

Excursion destinations

Discover the most famous excursion destinations in Styria.

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Graz, Kunsthaus - © Graz Tourismus , Foto: Harry Schiffer


Take a trip between folk culture, tradition and modern art.

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The grean heart in summer - © Steiermark Tourismus, Foto:  ikarus.cc

Getting here

Whatever mode of transport you use: all roads lead to the Green Heart of Austria.

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